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We all have a hot sauce lover in our lives who can’t get enough of the stuff. Here is our collection of hot sauce gifts that will add spice hot heat to just about anyone’s life.

1. Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Bring on the heat and boozy flavors will this unique set of beer-infused hot sauce. With 3 flavors including asian sriracha, garlic serrano, and roasty chipotle hot sauce & beer lovers alike will love using them.

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2. Chilli Sauce Making Kit

This chilli sauce making kit will help you bring your own spice to the dining room. The kit includes everything you need to make 7 different types of sauces with varying levels of spice to make your own perfect blend.

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3. Fire Truck Hot Sauce Sampler

Bring the heat to the hot saucer lover in your life with this unique fire truck hot sauce sampler. Included are 6 unique hot sauces including chipotle, mango habanero, garlic, habanero jalapeno, and cayenne.

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4. F*ck That’s Hot! Recipe Book

Love hot & spicy food? well, this book for you! Written by MasterChef contestant Billy Law this book is loaded with spicy recipes. “F*ck That’s Hot” features 60 hot ‘n’ spicy recipes for you to make at home. Some included recipes:   Nashville Hot Chicken! Ghost pepper kimchi! Sriracha buttered shrimp! Chicken vindaloo! Thai beef salad with bird’s eye dressing! Sichuan dan-dan noodles!  

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5. You’re The Bomb Hot Sauce

Bring a bit of the battleground to your kitchen with these explosively hot “You’re the Bomb” hot sauces! With three flavors including Garlic, Jalapeno, and Red Heat you’ll be able to add flavor to just about any meal.

  • UNIQUE GIFT – What better way to show that you are thinking of someone than with this thoughtful gift!
  • SPICY SURPRISE – Our hot sauces are a perfect blend of heat and taste, and is sure to hit the spot!
  • SPICY SURPRISE – Who doesn’t enjoy a little extra spice in their life? From friends and coworkers, to Mom, Dad, and the rest of the family, these hot sauces will delight any spice hound in your life!
  • TASTE EXPLOSION – Add a little or a lot but have an extinguisher ready, this hot sauce is explosive.
  • GIFT BAG READY – Just wrap it up, slip it into a bag or add a bow, and this gift set is ready to go!
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6. Momofuko Spicy Sauce

If you’ve ever been to NYC you’ve likely heard of Momofuko. With restaurants all over the world at this point Momofuko’s unique flavors have spanned the globe. Now you can enjoy their Korean Chili Sauce by David Chang anywhere you go.

  • One 12 oz. bottle of Momofuku Spicy Korean Chili Sauce
  • Momofuku Spicy Korean Chili Sauce was created by chef David Chang
  • This tangy and umami-rich sauce’s spicy kick from Korean chilis tastes good on everything
  • Sweet and spicy marinade has 0 g. of fat per serving
  • 20 calories per serving of Ssam sauce
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7. Fuego Sauce Gift Set

This hot sauce pack is straight FIRE! The Fuego Sauce gift set includes 7 exotic flavors of hot sauce. This includes chipotle peppers and even the legendary ghost pepper based hot sauces.

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8. Mike’s Hot Honey

Hot and sweet, the perfect combination, with Mike’s Hot Honey you can spice up any pizza or even salad! Just add a drizzle to your favorite dish and you’ll be enjoying this unique honey infused with chilies.

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9. Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce

Just staring at the bottle puts a fiery glow in your eyes. Pop the cap and you’ll feel Satan’s heat rush through your nostrils and lungs. Taste a drop and the fires of hell will surround and punish you in eternal damnation. This hot sauce is not for the feint of heart. Those heaven sent be warned. The manufacturer actually notes that you shouldn’t even use it as a hot…

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We hope you enjoyed our hot sauce gift guide. Whether you were looking for a hot sauce sampler pack or just a fun book about spicy food we hope you found something for the hot sauce lover in your life!

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