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Who could forget the Tiger King himself. Joe Exotic from the hit Netflix show Tiger King has sparked a huge fan base. Here are some of the best Joe Exotic gifts money can buy.

1. Tiger King Jigsaw Puzzle

Relive all of your favorite characters from 2020’s hit show Tiger King. This unofficial puzzle features 500 pieces and custom illustrations of Carole Baskin, Joe and others.

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2. Cool Cats And Kittens Shirt

All the cool cats and kittens out there will love this shirt saying just that! Fans of Tiger King and Carole Baskin’s iconic line won’t be able to resist getting their paws on this shirt.

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3. Tiger King Coloring Book

Live out all of your Joe Exotic fantasies wiith this Tiger King coloring book. Stuffed with 42 unique Tiger King coloring pages and funny quotes any fan of the show will love this coloring book.

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4. Joe Exotic Father’s Day Card

Who could ever forget the Joe Exotic saga, if your Dad loves Joe he’ll love this card! With “Hope Your Father’s Day is Exotic” on the front and a photo of Joe Exotic himself any Dad who’s a fan of the show will get a kick out of this father’s day card.

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5. Joe Exotic Candle

Finally the ultimate scented candle for Joe Exotic fans. Smells like like a fresh cut mullet, raw meat, AK-47’s and I saw the tiger and the tiger saw a man.

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6. Joe Exotic For President Shirt

Make America Exotic Again! With this Joe Exotic 2020 shirt, you’ll show your support for the true tiger king. No matter your political affiliation everyone loves Joe Exotic and his hate for Carole Baskin.

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