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Who doesn’t love LEGOs sprawled out on their floor. Find unique LEGO stuff including unique LEGO minifigures and cool LEGO sets. Whether it’s a gold LEGO brick or a LEGO coffee mug we’ve found the best.

1. LEGO Rose Bouquet

Description: Add a touch of everlasting bloom to your space with the LEGO Rose Bouquet! This 822-piece set is a botanist’s dream, letting you craft a stunning bouquet of vibrant LEGO roses. Perfect for plant enthusiasts and LEGO fans alike, these red beauties are maintenance-free – no watering, no wilting, just pure, timeless charm. It’s a creative and elegant way to spruce up any room with a bit of geeky grace.

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2. LEGO Minions Set

Kids will love building their own Minions with this LEGO Minions kit. This 800+ piece LEGO set has you building 2 Minions that are around 5 inches tall. Once assembled the back of the minions open as well to hide tools and a mini Kevin and Stuart. Plus if you are tired of Kevin you can rebuild him into Bob.

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3. Seinfeld Lego Set

George is getting upset! Every Seinfeld fan would kill for this hilarious Lego Set. With All your favorites including Jerry’s apartment, Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and even Newman with is the ultimate Lego idea for Seinfeld fans.

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4. Lego Boost Robot Building Set

Don’t get bored just yet, here is another Lego kit for you to explore. It’s got nothing to do with our preference, kids love them that why they are so many. However, this Lego robot building set stands out. Why? It’s hard to find a kid who wouldn’t love building their own robot from scratch. The kit features 847 lego pieces that your kid can build into five multi-functional models…

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5. LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Starfighter

Add this amazing building kit to your boy’s Star Wars collection and watch him take his adventure to a whole new level. The kit comes with a small Yoda figure, foldable parts of a spaceship, extra ammo, R2-D2 figure, and Yoda’s lightsaber. It is an excellent gift to surprise an 8-year-old on their birthday (or even an adult!).

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6. Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

Kids and adults alike will love this Lego Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock. At 9.5 inches tall this is perfect for your bedside table. Just set the alarm and dream about a binary sunset. Best of all the legs and arms move so you can post Darth however you’d like!

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7. Lego Speed Champions Ferrari

It doesn’t matter what age your kid is, they will definitely love a Lego gift. This racing lego toy is not an exception. It is well crafted and its elements are to die for. With the removable windshield, you can fit the Minifigure which comes with the complete kit into the cockpit whenever you are ready to ride to claim a trophy. There are graphic stickers and accessories to play…

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8. Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer

Lego as we already know is fun for kids. But when you add the mystery of space to it, then things could get a lot more interesting. This is why this Lego space shuttle explorer building kit is such a cracking gift. It brings fun and adventure together and gives children a reason to explore even more. The building kit contains 285 pieces, models to be constructed, a space shuttle…

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9. Lego Piggy Bank

Save money and have fun doing it! This 148-piece construct your own piggy bank will entertain you as you create it, and help you pinch your pennies when you’re done. Treat yourself to more awesome stuff when it’s full!

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10. Bob Ross Lego Set

Everyone loves the hippie paint icon Bob Ross, who hasn’t enjoyed a few hours of Bob Ross painting bushes on his TV show. Well now you can add him to your home with this custom Lego set. Perfect for completing your famous artists Lego world. Custom Lego set made from genuine Lego Pieces. Set Includes: Custom Toy Figure Paintbrush and Palette Easel and Blank Canvas 3 Cans of Paint (Red,…

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11. Lego Adhesive Tape

Lego in the kitchen, Lego on your bike, Lego on other toys, Lego everywhere with this Lego adhesive tape. Just roll out as much as you want and you can start building just about anywhere. The Nemuno tape is compatible with Lego as well as Megabloks. You can write your name anywhere and give it a 3D look and feel! Tape up an entire table for a massive and fully…

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12. Brik Book – Lego MacBook Case

Is your laptop ready for a cosmetic makeover? Not trying to ship your device to who knows where and wait for some overpriced decal or vinyl cover to be slapped on? If you want to add some style to your computer look no further than It is essentially a case that allows you to add any legos or mega bloks of YOUR CHOOSING! They offer packages that start you…

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13. Breaking Bad Lego Set

Everyone loves Breaking Bad, everyone loves Legos, why not enjoy the love of both with this Breaking Bad RV Lego set! It comes with Walt, Jesse and meth making Lego accessories. This set is the perfect collectable for any fan of Breaking Bad.

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14. Lego Figure Soap Bar

Are your kids lazy when it comes to washing their hands or body? Don’t worry, you are clearly not alone this Lego fight soap bar is sure to make any kid scrub hard to get the Lego minifigure inside! This is the slightly scented with orange blossom soap but you can choose your own fragrance but the best part about it is the Lego figurine at the middle of the soap…

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15. Lego Mug

Who wouldn’t want to play with Lego blocks while drinking their coffee in the morning. This Lego Coffee Mug lets you build on as much as you want, need a shelf for your cookies build it with Legos!

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16. Upscaled Lego Mug

Anyone growing up with Legos remembers those tiny little lego mugs. Well now you can relive your childhood joy of creating with this upscaled Lego mug. Fill it up with coffee in the morning and watch your children enjoying their own set of Legos blocks.

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17. Giant Lego Brick Coffee Table

She’s a brick… houssse… well, not actually but with this giant Lego brick coffee table you’ll have a big brick in your house! All of your guests will enjoy overlooking this Lego’s pegs while munching on some edible Lego bricks.

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19. Custom Lego Mini Figures

From WWE to X-men Lego mini figures this Etsy shop has plenty of unique mini figures. Some highlights include Itch & Scratchy, The Undertaker, and the Joker.

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20. Lego 3MP Camera

This Lego Digital Camera that is made for children is designed to look like stack of Legos. The camera is designed to hold over 80 photos and your photos can easily be exported and downloaded via its USB slot. The camera also has 3MP resolution along with the ability to build a small Lego village on top.

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21. Lego Death Star

Here at awesome stuff we can’t get enough Star Wars or Lego. When you combine the two something magical happens. For example you get a Star Wars Lego Death Star. This is one of the most detailed and intricate Lego sets we have posted. Who doesn’t want some ownership of the greatest Imperial technological advancement? Go destroy some planets, friends.

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22. Lego Simpsons Figuirines

We aren’t entirely sure if you have been watching the Simpsons marathon that is currently going down, but we sure are. If you are a fan of the show then these Lego Simpsons Miniature Figurines are surely right down your ally. Full of detail and life, these figurines capture the Simpsons essence and cover almost the entire town! Perfect for the Lego collector and Simpsons enthusiast.

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23. Lego Head Wall Clock

Got a kid who is currently obsessed with legos? Buy this Lego Head Wall Clock for them, seriously. This delightfully cute and creative clock will hang proudly in the bedroom of any kid, or even an adult who hasn’t quite gotten over their childhood experiences.

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24. LEGO Ninja Turtles Turtle Lair Attack

Relive your childhood or introduce your children to the glory that is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Includes 5 mini figures: Leonardo, Raphael, Master Splinter, Dark Ninja and a Foot Soldier. Be the next ninja master and control the turtle universe.

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25. Back to the Future Lego

When this thing hits 88 bricks you’re going to see some serious shit, just kidding of course this Lego DeLorean is 401 pieces. You’ll be able to relive moments from all 3 movies because this includes pieces to make it look like every version of the classic Delorean, including red wheel.

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26. Edible Lego Bricks

Let’s be honest your kid is already eating Lego bricks, you might as well make it candy with these candy bricks. Stack them up and chow them down and you’ll be getting a new sugar high.

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27. Lego R2D2

This one foot tall R2D2 Lego figure from Star Wars is something even Luke Skywalker would want in his hut. With realistic panels that hide a computer interface and circular saw this will take you quite some time to assemble. For the Jedi you should be able to assemble this with the force (without instructions). Just be ware that you might have C-3PO knocking on your door looking for his little buddy. Of course if…

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People of all ages are drawn to Lego, which brings together the young and the young at heart. It’s not just about building, but also about the memories and ideas that come from it. From the small details of unique minifigures to the grandiosity of complex sets, there is a Lego gift for every fan. And it doesn’t stop with bricks. Since gold Lego bricks have been found and a Lego coffee mug is fun to use every day, the world of Lego-themed gifts is huge and always interesting. As you look for the perfect gift for that special someone, keep in mind that it’s not about how big or complicated the set is; it’s about how many hours of fun, creativity, and connection it gives. Isn’t that what Lego is all about, in the end? One brick at a time, building relationships. Have fun giving!

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