Cool Lego Sets

26 Products Updated on Jul 23, 2019

Who doesn’t love Legos sprawled out on their floor. Find unique Lego stuff including unique Lego minifigures and cool Lego sets. Whether it’s a gold Lego brick or a Lego coffee mug we’ve found the best.

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George is getting upset! Every Seinfeld fan would kill for this hilarious Lego Set. With All your favorites including Jerry’s apartment, Jerry, George, Elaine, Kramer, and even Newman with is the ultimate…

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Don’t get bored just yet, here is another Lego kit for you to explore. It’s got nothing to do with our preference, kids love them that why they are so many. However,…

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Save money and have fun doing it! This 148-piece construct your own piggy bank will entertain you as you create it, and help you pinch your pennies when you’re done. Treat yourself…

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Everyone loves the hippie paint icon Bob Ross, who hasn’t enjoyed a few hours of Bob Ross painting bushes on his TV show. Well now you can add him to your home…

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Everyone loves Breaking Bad, everyone loves Legos, why not enjoy the love of both with this Breaking Bad RV Lego set! ItĀ comes with Walt, Jesse and meth making Lego accessories. ThisĀ set is…

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Are yourĀ kids lazy when it comes to washing their hands or body? Don’t worry, you are clearly not alone this Lego fight soap bar is sure to make any kid scrub hard…

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Who wouldn’t want to play with Lego blocks while drinking their coffee in the morning. This Lego Coffee Mug lets you build on as much as you want, need a shelf for…

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Anyone growing up with Legos remembers those tiny little lego mugs. Well now you can relive your childhood joy of creating with this upscaled Lego mug. Fill it up with coffee in…

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She’s a brick… houssse… well, not actually but with this giant Lego brick coffee table you’ll have a big brick in your house! All of your guests will enjoy overlooking this Lego’s…

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The one piece missing from your Lego collection is 24 karat gold bricks. Compatible with all other Lego pieces this set of 8 gold Lego bricks is perfect for any child or…

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From WWE to X-men Lego mini figures this Etsy shop has plenty of unique mini figures. Some highlights include Itch & Scratchy, The Undertaker, and the Joker.

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This Lego Digital Camera that is made for children is designed to look like stack of Legos. The camera is designed to hold over 80 photos and your photos can easily be…


Here at awesome stuff we can’t get enough Star Wars or Lego. When you combine the two something magical happens. For example you get a Star Wars Lego Death Star. This is…

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We aren’t entirely sure if you have been watching the Simpsons marathon that is currently going down, but we sure are. If you are a fan of the show then these Lego…

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