Level Lock+ Connect

Smartlock with Apple Home Key Support

Step into the future of home security with the Level Lock+ Connect, your ultimate key to a smarter, more connected home. This next-gen smart lock is a marvel of convenience, blending seamlessly with your lifestyle thanks to its advanced WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. With options galore, unlock your world using Apple Home keys, your smartphone, a fob, keypad, or even traditional keys. Integrating effortlessly with leading home automation systems like Google Home, Apple Home, Ring, and Amazon Alexa, this lock is a testament to versatility and ease. Installation is straightforward, transforming your door with just a screwdriver in under 15 minutes.

The Level app elevates the experience, offering guest sharing to effortlessly grant access to friends and trusted visitors. Experience the comfort of auto-lock and unlock as you approach, a feature accessible through the app. Even when your phone’s battery is low, the power reserve ensures your home keys stay active, adding an extra layer of reassurance.

The Level Lock+ Connect doesn’t just stop at being smart; it’s also secure, boasting BHMA AAA certification, the pinnacle of industry standards for safety and durability. And for those who value reliability, its industry-leading NFC capabilities ensure your lock performs exceptionally every time.

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