Self Defense Baseball Cap With Hidden Knuckle Blade

Walk around in confidence knowing that if anyone tries to attack you, you can quickly pull an oddjob on them and fend them off with your weaponized headgear. Designed to be very quickly accessed for emergency situations where you wouldn’t want to be empty handed.

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It’s always convenient to have a tiny blade with you, especially for opening boxes or cutting something open. The Gerber Zip Blade is…

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Nobody will be able to mess with you when you have this nightstick with a 6 million volt stun gun on the end.…

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Gamers are familiar with WASD on their keyboard since it’s used for movement in most games. These stainless steel keycaps will upgrade anyone’s…

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Check out this sweet (and maybe bitter too :D) beer soap from Swag Brewery. With great reviews and several fun selections this will…

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