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Every hard working man deserves a man cave full of everything a guy needs. This collection of man cave gifts is sure to add that unique touch to his spot. From unique decor to whiskey mixing sets guys will love these gifts for their man caves.

1. The CouchConsole

Elevate your couch game with The CouchConsole – the ultimate sofa accessory for those who enjoy snacking while gaming or binge-watching their favorite shows. This multifunctional wonder serves as a convenient charging dock for your devices, a stable phone stand, and a reliable snack holder. What’s more, it features a self-balancing cupholder, designed to minimize the risk of spills and ensure your beverages stay securely in place. Say goodbye to…

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2. Bose AI Smart Ultra Soundbar

Elevate your audio experience with the Bose A.I. Smart Ultra Soundbar. Featuring Dolby Atmos and an innovative AI Dialogue Mode, this soundbar ensures crystal-clear vocals and immersive surround sound. It’s the perfect addition to any home entertainment setup for an unparalleled cinematic experience.

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3. Minimalist Football Team Prints

Showcase your team pride without overwhelming your space with these minimalist football team prints. Perfect for the modern football fan, these posters use subtle color palettes and simple design elements to represent your favorite team. Whether you opt for the smaller or larger size, the paint chip-inspired layout offers a unique and stylish twist to traditional sports memorabilia. It’s a sophisticated way to pay homage to your team, making it…

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5. Bonny Boy Liquor Dispenser

Piss away your liquor with this cheeky liquor dispenser. No matter if it’s whiskey, vodka, or gin it’ll hold all of your favorite spirits. Modeled after the Manneken Pis sculpture fountain in Belgium this liquor dispenser is thirteen inches tall and can hold up to sixteen ounces of liquor.

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7. Matrix Code Lamp

Enter the Matric every day with this uniquely futuristic lamp. This geeky accessory will make a great addition to any bedroom or gamer cave.

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8. Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo Portraits

Fighting game fans rejoice! What better way to remember the Street Fighter 2 than with these unique pixel perfect portraits. These 8×10 inch portraits come in a 16 pack and include all of the Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo fighters.

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9. Bluelounge CableBox

Tired of looking at a rats nest of wires under your desk or entertainment system? The Bluelounge CableBox is an elegant solution the keeps your important electrical devices from messing up your Feng Shui. By keeping your cords concealed in a closed case, the CableBox cleans up your clutter of cables with class, and with its flame-resistant plastic construction, does it safely, too!

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10. Luminoodle TV Backlight

Protect yourself from eye fatigue by adding these USB-powered LED backlights to your TV setup! Applying these to the back of your TV helps reduce the harshness of the contrast between the brightness of the screen and the dark areas around it by casting a gentle gradient of ambient light that your eyes can easily adjust to, making night-time use all the more relaxing by reducing eye strain. With 15…

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11. Nuclear Explosion Lamp

Bombs away! Bring a nuclear winter to your living room with this realistic nuclear explosion lamp. This lamp features an incredible mushroom cloud with a red warm light in the middle.

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12. Whiskey Wedge + Glass

Bring your whiskey cocktail to the next level with this unique whiskey wedge. Your whiskey will no longer be watered down as the unique ice wedge melts as you drink your whiskey. Whiskey Wedge provides a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits; perfectly chilled but not quickly watered down. CONTAINS: 1 Double Old-Fashioned Whiskey Glass + 1 Silicone Ice Form for freezing the wedge of ice into the…

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13. Banana Neon Sign

Add more banana to just about any room with this banana neon sign. If you just want to add something playful to your home or dorm room this neon sign won’t let you down.

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14. Hookey Ring Toss Game

Who doesn’t love a classic ring toss game on a summer day. Grab a few friends and a few brews and you’ll be having a blast throwing rings at this ring toss game for points. Best of all it’s a lot safer than darts and easier to get the hang of!

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16. Pac-Man Lamp

Who doesn’t love the classic game Pac-Man, well now you be reminded of your favorite 8-bit character with this Pac-Man lamp. Whether you have a gaming den or just want to fill your office with something geeky this lamp will be a great addition.

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17. The Office Floor Plan Print

Any fan of the Office will love this floor plan print of the iconic office from “The Office”. The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is never forgettable for fans of the show. You can’t stand but to think about your favorite characters like Jim, Dwight, and Michael when looking at this print. Highlights include Michael’s office, the annex, and the iconic conference room.

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18. Hook and Ring Game Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

If your house is the life of the party in the summer this wall-mounted hook and ring game with bottle opener will be the perfect addition. Everyone will enjoy trying to swing this tiny ring onto the hook and cracking their beers. Plus the magnetic bottle cap catcher will ensure no ones caps get misplaced. Whether it’s for the man cave or backyard this combo will make a fantastic addition…

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19. USA Beer Cap Map

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a beer (or three) every night? Why not collect those bottle caps and put them in this beer cap map with their city of origin. Perfect for the frat house or even the home of a beer enthusiast.

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20. Batman Mirror

Perfect for the Batcave this Batman Mirror will be sure to fit in any comic book fan’s home. With it’s 28 inch wingspan it’ll be sure to catch eyes as the centerpiece of a room.

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21. Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

Shake up drinks with some early American flare with this Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker. Different, effective, and overall pretty awesome. Impress your hipster soon to be girlfriend, or that cute boy you met at the bookstore. We recommend whiskey. Don’t forget a cocktail recipe book.

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22. Power-Up Arcade Light Switch

Old school gamers will appreciate this light switch, using a joystick to turn your lights off and on will remind you off those endless nights playing Frogger at Mario’sPizza Parlor (yes we dropped a Seinfeld reference). The two buttons make 8-bit arcade sounds which should bring you back to getting that high-score. If you have kids installing a joystick light switch at your parents house will be a joy for them when their grandchildren visit…

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23. Toilet Mini Golf

Sometimes you just want to play some putt putt on the loo. With this toilet mini golf course you’ll be able to play anytime you hit the head, or impress your guests with a golf course in your bathroom.

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We hope our collection of man cave decor was helpful! For more inspiration you can find our gifts for guys here.

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