Minecraft Gifts

Fun Gifts for Minecraft Lovers

7 Products Updated on Jun 15, 2020

Find a gift for the Minecraft lover in your life with our list of Minecraft gift ideas. With Minecraft becoming one of the biggest games of all time you’ll have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t heard of it.

1. Pixelated Minecraft Birthday Banner

Take a Minecraft birthday party to the next level with this pixel Minecraft happy birthday banner. With 15 paper pennant flags that spell out “Happy Birthday” and 2 side panels that say “Level Up” and “Game on” anyone who loves minecraft will love this party accessory.

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2. Minecraft Icon Lights

Bring a bit of pixelated personality into your home with these cute Minecraft icon lights. From Steve, Alex or Zombie all your favorite characters from Minecraft are here to light up your room.

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3. Minecraft Torch

Did you say level 14 light? Let’s go exploring! Check out this pixelated torch from Minecraft. Be the envy of every 14 year old in your neighborhood. Sure, you can craft one of these bad boys in game, but in real life it is probably a safer bet to just buy one. This torch is not guaranteed to keep you safe while treading in bad areas, though, so keep that…

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4. Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword

Equip one of the most powerful weapons from Minecraft. You might remember the Minecraft pick axe bottle opener we posted, this is something a little better for slaying creeper. Harness the power of diamond resources and fight your foes with foam!

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5. Minecraft Creeper Peeps

Just in time for easter these little Minecraft creepers will make a splash in any geek’s candy basssssket. Normal peeps are boring these will literally blow anyone’s mind if they are a fan of Minecraft. Lucky for you these creepers explode with delicious sugary flavor rather than destroy your fortress. Sadly they are discontinued but you can make your own Minecraft Peeps at home using this recipe.


6. Minecraft Head Masks

Where’s your head at? it better be in the cubed world of Minecraft with these awesome masks. Act like a creeper or Steve with these life like masks. Granted this helmet won’t let you break blocks of grass with a pickaxe but you’ll be damn close.

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7. Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

Screw diamond ore when you could be tapping into a cold brew with this Minecraft pickaxe that also works as a bottle opener. You won’t even need any stone to craft this pick axe, just line up your finest beer instead. Lucky for you this pick axe will open up more than 251 bottles too.

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