Mooning Garden Gnome

Traditional garden gnomes are nice. But why not spice things up a bit by getting a gnome with some personality?

This “ cheeky “ bearded cutie gives your garden a unique element of surprise. Guests are sure to smile and giggle when they see this 5 inch guardian revealing his round little rump.

He’ll quickly become part of the family. He’s not cheap, but the way he shows his ass is priceless. Come rain, sleet or snow this naughty little gnome will never let you down —or pull up his pants.

No batteries or plug-in needed. Just place him under a bush or set him near your flowers and he’ll work his magic year-round.

Don’t wait, now’s the perfect time to buy this garden treasure and bring some good luck and laughs your way.

  • Evokes a whimsical vibe
  • Makes neighbors jealous
  • Adds to your quality of life
  • Proves you have a sense of humor

Features –

  • 100% handmade and absolutely hilarious
  • Made from durable concrete and high quality waterproof/UV resistant paint
  • Classic gnome color scheme and fine details
  • Exclusive and rare garden product


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