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18 Products Updated on Sep 16, 2020

Collection of unique garden gifts and accessories. Great for new home owners or even the most seasoned gardeners.

Cool Home Stuff

Any gardner will love pruning their plants with these antique finish pruning shears from Barebones. Designed to have a classic look and feel they’ll make a great addition to any gardener’s toolbox…

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With Halloween right around the corner there is no better way to scare potential trick or treaters than with a zombie digging out of the ground. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE – This flesh hungry…

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Hot tubs can cost thousands of dollars not including installation. Finally you can enjoy a warm soak without the massive costs with this inflatable hot tub. Just blow this tub up in…

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Any eco friendly friend will love these Sprout pencils that are designed to be planted after use. With seeds for basil, cherry tomatoes, Thyme, and more there is sure to be an…

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Traditional garden gnomes are nice. But why not spice things up a bit by getting a gnome with some personality? This “ cheeky “ bearded cutie gives your garden a unique element of…

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Trolls are known for luck, and this is your lucky day. You can now purchase the Plantroll (Original Ace Troll Doll With Air Plant Hair). These trolls are handmade and come in…

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Everybody needs a little Pokemon flair in their garden and this ceramic Bulbasaur planter is the perfect grass creature to do so. Just plop a succulent in Bulbasaur’s back and hope that…

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Have you always been dreaming about the perfect little garden at the window in your bedroom which will make you feel alive and happy every time you look at it? What if…

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Add some flare to your yard’s walkway with these glow in the dark pebbles. Great for lighting up a garden or adding visibility to a driveway. After a full day of sunshine these…

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Enter into to a world of fantasy in your back yard with these delightfully colored and bright orbs. It will add a touch of whimsy on the dark, late nights where you…

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Oh look the gnome forest in your garden is under attack from Godzilla! Make sure your garden is defended from gnome invaders with this awesome 9 inch tall Godzilla figure.

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Enjoy the nature of the outdoors with spectacular clarity using this One-Way-Mirror Bird Feeder. It securely attaches to your window allowing you to get an up close and person view of the…

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Bring the fresh earthy taste of oyster mushrooms to your cooking with this grow it yourself mushroom kit! Sure to be the delight of any cook or culinary master. Just spray on…

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This delightful little garden offers education, nutrition, and entertainment! Grow your own veggies and watch the root process take place! It offers multiple modalities for kids to learn about plants and agriculture.…

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