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18 Products Updated on Feb 16, 2023

Nearly every gamer has played Super Mario as some point or another. This iconic character made by Nintendo is gaming’s poster child. In our collection of Mario gifts you’ll find unique gift ideas that will make the perfect addition to any special occasion.


1. Mario Mushroom Neon Light

Level up your decor game with the Mario Mushroom LED Neon Sign! This iconic Super Mushroom from the Super Mario franchise is a must-have for any gaming enthusiast’s collection. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a Mario game? This neon-like sign stands at 12 inches tall and comes with a handy dimming switch, so you can adjust the brightness according to your mood.

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2. Super Mario Overall Switch Carrying Case

What Nintendo fanboy wouldn’t love carrying around their Switch in this carrying case designed to look like Mario’s overalls. Just about any gamer will instantly recognize Mario’s blue and red outfit. The case provides protection while traveling and can be carried 2 ways.

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3. Custom Mario Style Name Plate

Any fan of Nintendo will love this personalized Mario style sign. Whether it’s for a desk, gaming room, or just bedroom old-school gamers will remember Mario’s iconic colorful logo.

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5. Handheld Super Mario Bros

Celebrate 35 years of the most influential game in history with this special commemorative Game and Watch! With the original Super Mario Bros. now available in the form of Nintendo’s earliest handheld, it’s the throwback crossover revival you can’t do without! And since it is a Game and Watch, it does indeed serve as a functioning clock. 35 unique animations will play as time passes, one for each year since…

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6. 8-Bit Mario Tie

For the formal gamer, this stylish silk Mario tie features crisp, clean pixel art based on the sprite from Super Mario World. It’s a great way to 1up your business attire! Comes in a handy tin can for easy gifting.

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9. Super Mario Bros. Ice Cube Tray

Cool down your drinks and save princess peach at the same time with these Mario style ice cubes. Coins, stars, Mario jumping, all of the Mario’s 8-bit graphics are represented in this ice cube tray.

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10. Mario Thwomp Pillow

Mario has many enemies but the Thwomp block is one of Mario’s largest. Now you can rest your head on a soft Thwomp block or just throw it at a friend.

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12. Dr. Mario Tee

Gamers will have a throwback to the retro gaming days with this awesome Dr. Mario t-shirt. Nintendo fans will remember stacking pills in its tetris style gameplay.

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13. Mario Heat Changing Mug

If you love Mario you’ll love this coffee mug! With a color changing graphic on the front the mug will display an outline of Mario when cold but when hot you’ll be able to see a Mario level.

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14. NES Cartridge Pillows

Add some old school gamer flair to your living room with these NES cartridge pillows. Choose from a huge selection of Nintendo cartridges including NES, Gameboy, Zelda, Tetris, Mario, and many more!

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15. Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat

Everyone loves Nintendo‘s official mascot Mario. Every geek has been a fan of Mario since the original games, well now Mario is back in Super Mario Odyssey on Wii U. The game stars Mario with a unique magical cap (Cappy) well now you can relive Super Mario Odyssey adventures with your very own Cappy.

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16. Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet

Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to take a bite out of an Italian plumber? This is probably the closest you can get without breaking some kind of law. Colorful and fun, this little Super Mario Piranha Plant Hand Puppet chomps at your command and extends out of the pipe to aggress invaders. Be patient friends and wait until this plant recedes back into its pipe,…

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17. Mario Question Mark Block Light

Show your geeky side by illuminating your room with a glowing Mario question mark brick. Mount it above your bed as a nightly reminder of Nintendo’s mascot Mario. Just don’t try to hit it with your head instead of mushrooms you might find yourself in the ER.

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18. Super Mario Chess Set

Ah, the strategic game of chess now with a flair of classic Mario. This Super Mario Chess set is full of color, wonder, and creativity. Perfect for any chess and Nintendo enthusiast.

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Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or just because, our Mario gifts are the perfect way to show your love for this classic video game franchise. From fun and functional items like mugs and backpacks to playful decorations like our Mario Mushroom LED Neon Sign, our collection of Mario gifts has something for everyone.

These gifts are sure to bring a smile to any gamer’s face and make their day extra special.


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