Playstation Paladone Icons Heat Changing Mug

Get your game on with the PlayStation Paladone Icons Heat Changing Mug! This 295ml mug features a design inspired by the original PlayStation controller that changes when you pour in hot liquid. Perfect for coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, this officially licensed mug comes in a decorative box, making it an excellent gift for any gamer in your life. Just remember, caffeine is not included!

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PlayStation gamers unite! Enjoy the classic triangle, circle, X and square of the PlayStation controller with this unique PS icons lamp. An ideal…

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Who doesn’t remember getting the Pizza Hut demo disk and playing the first level of Tony Hawk 1000 times. The Playstation Classic will…

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It’s a Chair – no, it’s a recliner – no, it’s a bed! It’s the office nap chair! Never feel exhausted at the…

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sip a Cardassian Kanar at Quark’s bar? Well now you can find out!…

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