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Start the summer off right with an amazing pool party full of funny pool floats. From adults to kids there is a float for just about anyone.

1. Rubber Duck Floating Bar

Turn any body of water into an instant party with the rubber duck floating bar! This oversized, cheerful yellow duckie not only adds a splash of fun to your aquatic activities but also ensures that your drinks stay cold and within arm’s reach. Designed to securely hold your cooler, you’ll have easy access to refreshing beverages without ever having to leave the water. Plus, its eye-catching and iconic design ensures…

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2. Inflatable Buckin’ Bull Pool Float

Saddle up for a wild ride with the Inflatable Buckin’ Bull Pool Float! Show off your rodeo prowess while staying cool in the pool on this 45-inch wide by 32-inch tall inflatable bull. Crafted from UV-treated, raft-grade vinyl, it can support up to 500 pounds, making it perfect for poolside shenanigans. Grab the horns and hold on tight – this buckin’ bull is ready to bring non-stop fun to your next pool party!

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3. Giant Pasta Shaped Pool Floats

Dive into a world of culinary comfort with these Giant Pasta-Shaped Pool Floats! These whimsical inflatables come in the shape of your favorite pasta varieties, including tortellini, rigatoni, macaroni, and even a lasagna perfect for lounging. Soak up the sun and let your inner foodie rejoice as you drift atop these deliciously designed floats. Ideal for pool parties, beach days, or just satisfying your love for pasta, these floats are sure to make a splash and serve up a heaping helping of fun in the sun!

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4. Inflatable Glitter Unicorn Pool Float

Make relaxing in the pool a magical experience with this hilarious and adorable unicorn-shaped pool float that sparkles and shines in the sun! It even comes with a tiny matching unicorn drink float so you can keep your refreshments handy, and so that your big unicorn doesn’t get lonely. Also available are Swan, Seahorse, and Giraffe versions. You could make a sparkly floating zoo!

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5. Ramen Noodle Pool Float

Bring this massive ramen noodle to the pool and wait for your water to boil. This huge 64 inch by 64 inch ramen noodle pool float is designed to look like a classic block of ramen from your college days.

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6. GoPong Inflatable Beer Pong Table

What better activity to do in the pool than the play beer pong! This inflatable beer pong table will bring the fun of beer pong to the pool. Best of all with cup inserts you won’t have to worry about beer spilling into the pool.

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8. Realistic Beer Mug Pool Float

Everyone will want to chug down this giant realistic beer mug pool float. This massive pool float that looks like a mug of beer will make a splash at the next pool party. Plus it even has a handle on the mug making it easy to carry.

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9. Giant Donut Pool Float

If you’re ready to take a big bite out of summer, then this gigantic funny pool float donut is for you. Complete with sprinkles and hot pink frosting, it’s sure to be a delectable addition for any party. Or, a pool raft completely for your own amusement. Made from high quality and durable vinyl, this float is sure to impress.

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10. Rosé Pool Float

What’s better than a little poolside wine time? Floating IN the pool ON a wine bottle whilst you buoyantly sip your favorite vino. This funny pool float is for the total cork dorks who don’t want to just drink the wine but unashamedly flaunt their passion for the ultimate spirit. It even has a holder for your glass so that you can bask in utter delight. Allowing time to truly…

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11. Wiener Dog Pool Float

If you reckon that your outdoor pool looks a bit threadbare this summer, then this pool float Mattress is just the item you require to throw in a splash of color and more than a dose of fun besides. The inflatable float is designed to hold considerable weight and will suit both adults and kids alike. Pump it full of air, throw it on the water and hop on for a round of fun. It is virtually leak-proof and even a single inflation will be enough for a day-long session of fun by the pool. Forget the trouble of having to keep inflating your float when you switch over to the Pool Pup.

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12. Beer Mug Pool Float

As quaint as it is snuggly comfortable, this pool float designed to uncannily resemble a beer mug will be a great addition for your collection this summer. The inflatable float is made from quality vinyl material and does not require any special care or maintenance. It is meant to offer you the greatest level of convenience and relaxation, coming complete with a magnum sized ice chest compartment as well as…

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13. Donald Trump Pool Float

This is truly a great float. Really terrific. The BEST. Other inflatable floats? Terrible. Total disasters. You can ask anyone. They all agree. This is the best inflatable pool raft. What better way to show your…er…support than a funny pool float Donald? Dress him up for any occasion or float him with pride just the way he comes, either way, he’ll be the star of the party.

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14. Bottle of Wine Pool Float

Luxury and fun design are the hallmarks which set apart this swimming pool float from the competition. Designed to resemble a bottle of wine, the raft-like float is certain to offer you day-long comfort and fun. As with other Coconut Float’s products, the 7.5 ft float is made from top-grade vinyl and exceeds stringent industry standards in terms of safety and durability. You can deflate it courtesy of a large…

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15. Smarties Noodle Pool Float

Your kids will fall in love with this Smarties Noodle Pool Float time and again. As yet another example of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of BigMouth Inc., the Smarties float has plenty going for it. To start with, it is made from the best quality vinyl material that is not only durable but guaranteed to be allergen free. Moreover, a patch kit is included in the shipping package. Measuring 5 feet from end-to-end, the float may not be the most gigantic there is in the market but it is no slouch when it comes to ease of use.

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16. Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Throw in a bit of color and imaginative embellishment for your pool parties courtesy of this inimitable pool float from BigMouth. Measuring an incredible 6 feet end-to-end, the float will prove a functional attraction for both kids and adult merrymakers. To guarantee you longevity and value for your money, the pool float is made from highest quality vinyl material. Moreover, it ships complete with a patch kit to help you deal with any leaks which may happen during boisterous water games.

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17. Inflatable Margarita Pool Float

From BigMouth Inc. comes yet another pool toy of high pedigree in this Margarita Pool Float. Fully inflated, the float is all of 6-foot long and ready for your imaginative poolside games. And when you are done, it deflates easily into a snug package you can stow away conveniently. Even if you have never had experience with pool floats, you will find setting this up for fun as intuitive as…

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18. Giant Shark Pool Float

The XL Shark is yet another uncanny pool float design by the prolific designers of outdoor toys and accessories: BigMouth Inc. Whether you just want to impress and inspire your friends when they come over for an afternoon of fun or stand out during a family outing at the beach, the XL Shark has what it takes. It is made to comply with the highest standards of material construction and performance too.

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19. Giant Whoopee Cushion Pool Float

“PHHBBttt…” Who doesn’t remember the unmistakable sound of sitting on a Whoopee Cushion as a kid (or even as an ultra unlucky adult)? For pranksters and victims alike, this giant Whoopee Cushion funny pool float is sure to delight both. This pool raft inflates to just over 4′ of pink gloriousness. And, in the event of things getting a little too…rambunctious, there is even an included patch for your Whoopee…

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21. Giant Taco Pool Float

Taco ’bout an awesome pool raft. Complete with a mischievous mustache and playful eyes, this guy is sure to invite smiles. You bring the chips & salsa and he’ll bring the Mexcellence. Whether you’re having a big party or a party for one, this funny pool float masquerading as a giant taco is all you need to spice things up.

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22. Giant Angel Wings Pool Float

We know you’ve posed in front of angel wings graffiti at least once in your life. Now it’s time to upgrade to the angel wings pool float. Great for relaxing at the pool and taking the perfect selfie for Instagram.

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23. Inflatable Floating Drink Holders

Bring your drink into the pool (or two!) load up one of these inflatable floating drink holders and you’ll be sure your drink in nearby. In all kinds of varieties like the all american eagle or parrot there is a drink pool float for everyone.

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25. Motorized Pool Lounger

Cruise the swimming pool or lake with this. motorized pool lounger. Its dual 66w motors are powered by 12 D batteries. The pool longer also supports weight up to 300lbs.

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26. Holographic Pool Tube

Do not just impress the crowd at your pool party but positively dazzle them with this holographic pool float. PoolCandy has a reputation of developing products and toys which are fun to use on top of being of the highest quality of material strength. This pool tube float is no different. Moreover, judging by how it is attractive to the photogenic fun makers, you may need more than just a single one if your pool party has drawn a crowd. This is the perfect float if you are looking to gather everyone around and have a pretty good time, especially over the simmering summer months.

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27. Giant American Flag Pool Float

Bust out your guns and flex for ‘Merica. Let your freedom ring on this American flag inflatable pool raft. Perfect for the Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Flag Day or any other day of the year, this funny pool float is made of durable vinyl. No surprise there.

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28. Inflatable Hunk Pool Float

Bask in the sun while this hunk keeps you afloat. His personable smile and cool sunglasses add to his charm as he holds you up with ease in his muscly arms. And, that’s not all he’ll hold–this funny pool float will also hold your favorite drink! You’ll enjoy a few laughs from friends and onlookers alike with this hunky inflatable pool raft.

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29. Pretzel Pool Float

Who doesn’t love a salty pretzel on a summer day. Well now you can rock a pretzel all summer long with this giant pretzel pool float. Relax with your favorite snack at the beach or pool while floating on this floaty.

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30. Floating Beer Pong Table

What could be better than playing beer pong in the pool with your friends. Just throw this floating beer pong table in the pool and you’ll be in for a blast. With slots to hold your cups you won’t have to worry about them flipping over and wasting beer in the pool.

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31. Tablet Pool Float

They say most electronic devices are water resistant these days. Well, this funny pool float will one-up even the toughest competitors because it FLOATS! Float with a partner or sprawled out by yourself, because there’s room for two on this bad boy. Gone are the days of the pool being a phone-free zone with this floating tablet. This pool raft is made from high-quality and durable vinyl.

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32. Giant Inflatable Unicorn Float

Make a splash at the next pool party with this MASSIVE inflatable unicorn float. With the ability to hold up to 1320 pounds and 6 people this is sure to draw some attention at the lake or pool. Perfect for getting a tan and having a few beers with friends while out on the lake.

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33. Chicken Fight Pool Floats

Level up your pool party with these chicken fight pool floats. No need to climb on a friend’s shoulders, with these rafts you can chicken fight in the pool with just two!

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34. Unicorn Pool Float

Celebrate summer in style by floating around the pool in this rainbow-tastic Unicorn pool float. Its mythical horn is sure add a touch of magic to any pool party ☀️. It’s a huge tube with it’s 45 inch span and 25% thicker vinyl material, so it’ll last for summers to come.

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35. Rainbow Pool Float

Soak up some sun in color with this Rainbow pool float. With 7 vibrant colors of the rainbow it’s sure to add a splash of color to any pool party.

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37. Intex Inflat-A-Bull

You’ve been waiting your entire life for this moment. You’ve spent years training with high intensity; spent hours watching footage of these majestic creatures to understand their behaviors. Well now it’s time to take on what you were born for. Get in the pool and show this bull who is master. This delightful Inflat-A-Bull Pool Toy from Intex is exactly what you need to get your summer party started. Who…

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38. Giant Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float

No longer the talk of the town with your giant inflatable donut pool float? Regain the praise of your community poolgoers with an even more hilarious floaty. Though good luck fitting this one through doors, or hallways, or into cars, or anywhere really.

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39. Intex Floating Cooler

Stay cool in your pool with this Floating Pool Cooler by Intex. If it is hot out that is OK. Primarily because you have a pool, but also because you have this sweet ass cooler. Sip beers, sodas, or whatever you prefer, in style. Enough drink holes for a moderately sized gathering, but practical for you and that cool person you invited over to kick back and sip strong.

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of cool pool floats. From the unicorn to a mustache all of these inflatables should have you covered for the next day at the pool.

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