Funny Pool Floats

15 Products Updated on Jun 9, 2019

Start the summer off right with an amazing pool party full of funny pool floats. From adults to kids there is a float for just about anyone.

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Funny Pool Floats // Awesome Stuff to Buy

We know you’ve posed in front of angel wings graffiti at least once in your life. Now it’s time to upgrade to the angel wings pool float. Great for relaxing at the…

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Bring the magic of a narwhal to the beach with this cute giant narwhal pool float. Your summer will be a blast at the beach or pool with this hilarious inflatable.

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Cruise the swimming pool or lake with this. motorized pool lounger. Its dual 66w motors are powered by 12 D batteries. The pool longer also supports weight up to 300lbs.

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Who doesn’t love a salty pretzel on a summer day. Well now you can rock a pretzel all summer long with this giant pretzel pool float. Relax with your favorite snack at…

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What could be better than playing beer pong in the pool with your friends. Just throw this floating beer pong table in the pool and you’ll be in for a blast. With…

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Make a splash at the next pool party with this MASSIVE inflatable unicorn float. With the ability to hold up to 1320 pounds and 6 people this is sure to draw some attention…

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Level up your pool party with these chicken fight pool floats. No need to climb on a friend’s shoulders, with these rafts you can chicken fight in the pool with just two!

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Celebrate summer in style by floating around the pool in this rainbow-tastic Unicorn pool float. Its mythical horn is sure add a touch of magic to any pool party ☀️. It’s a huge…

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Soak up some sun in color with this Rainbow pool float. With 7 vibrant colors of the rainbow it’s sure to add a splash of color to any pool party.

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You’ve been waiting your entire life for this moment. You’ve spent years training with high intensity; spent hours watching footage of these majestic creatures to understand their behaviors. Well now it’s time…

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Stay cool in your pool with this Floating Pool Cooler by Intex. If it is hot out that is OK. Primarily because you have a pool, but also because you have this…

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