Puking Kitty Gravy Boat

Sick of boring, traditional gravy boats? Switch things up with the puking cat gravy boat! Your guests won’t know whether to be disgusted or delighted as they watch gravy pour out of a cute little kitty’s mouth. Perfect for cat lovers who like to add a little “flair” to their dinner parties, or parents who want to make mealtime more entertaining for their little ones. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your gravy boat choice – the puking cat is here to add some excitement to your dining experience!

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Every office needs a pussy magnet (yours might even have one!). This little kitty is perfect for holding all of your paper clips…

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Have you and your bros mastered Beer Pong? Well ramp up the skill level with PongBot, the moving beer pong robot! Pongbot has sensors…

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This product reminded us of those infomercial compilations where people are blatantly dropping, improperly cutting, and overall breaking shit. Alright, so maybe you…


It’s likely you’ve been collecting these virtual Zelda Rupee’s throughout the majority of your youth. Here is an opportunity to make your virtual…

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