Weird Gifts

50+ Products Updated on Sep 14, 2022

Sometimes you want to give an unconventional gift to that special weirdo in your life. We’ve taken the guesswork out of it by curating this collection of whimsical and weird gifts. Whether it’s for a friend or yourself we have weird covered. From pizza lip balm to finger tentacles we’ve found the strangest gifts on the planet.

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They say all mugs are created equal but that clearly isn’t the case with this “You’re My National Treasure” mug. Fans of Nicholas Cage and National Treasure will get a kick out…

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What weirder way to store your keys than a magnetic tongue popping out of your wall. Inspired by the Rolling Stones just about anyone can enjoy this keychain holder.

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Satisfy your odd obsession of popping pimples with this pimple popping toy. This rubber toy simulates the feel of popping a pimple with pus made from wax. Best of all it’s refillable…

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If you’re gonna wear a fanny pack you might as well stand out. This fanny pack features a hilarious dad bod gut with a belly button printed on it. Perfect for hanging right below your gut.

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Foodies can finally cuddle with a precious fried chicken leg. With its realistic design your mouth will be water at the sight of this fried chicken leg pillow.

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Finally curl up like the burrito you were meant to be. Perfect for the winter this burrito blanket spans 71 inches making it easy to wrap kids or adults. Best of all…

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These aren’t your bog-standard cheap plastic dice. These hand-crafted dice are made in the traditional fashion, out of genuine cow bone. Not only are these dice gorgeous to look at, but they…

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Easily chop up hot dogs into bite-sized bites with this hot dog slicer designed to look like a dog! Perfect for the kids or just a hot dog lover. Just put a…

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Finally yoga meets a gun crazy goat-based game. With the included inflatable goat this party game is sure to give yogis a laugh. Strike a pose from one of the cards with…

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There is nothing like a giant pizza to yourself after a long bike ride. Cyclists and pizza lovers rejoice for this bicycle pizza cutter. The perfect gift for the biker in your…

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Whether you carry a carnivorous sandwich or just a PB&J they will fit snug in this dinosaur lunch box mouth. Durable and realistic dark-green Tyrannosaurus Rex head shaped box which is perfect…

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Finally anyone can shop at their local Whole Foods rocking a man bun. The man bun visor adds a realistic man bun to anyone by having it built into the top of…

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Who doesn’t enjoy a day at the spa, well now just about anyone can have a spa day daily with this portable sauna. Goofy? yes. Weird? yes. Relaxing? of course! Just take…

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Let’s be honest the office can be freezing sometimes, keep your hands toasty with this USB heated mouse pad. It’ll go great with the blanket you keep at the office so you…

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We’ve found the answer to every true pizza lover’s prayers: pizza flavored lip balm. Treat your lips to this chapstick and you won’t have to wait until the next meal for your…

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Do you like laughing at other people’s expense? Awesome! :p  Let the games begin! Here’s the perfect outlet to release all your pinned up pranking desires! (pun intended) Clown the sh*t out…

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If you love a morning cup of coffee you’ll love getting caffeinated with this toothpaste. Just brush your teeth in the morning with Power toothpaste which includes caffeine and it’ll be absorbed…

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We hope you found something from our collection of weird and strange gifts.

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