Snap Circuits Jr. Electronics Exploration Kit

There is no better way to introduce your 8-year-old to electronics than buying him a toy that does exactly that. Curious, right? Well, don’t worry, this toy has nothing to do with soldering irons or other dangerous types of equipment. Instead, the kit contains components that can be put together to make a functioning electronic circuit. Also in this kit, your boy will contend with 101 DIY projects that will keep him busy for long hours. He’ll also learn the basics of radio and television circuit boards by replicating them in a fun way.

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This one is for young programmers and computer enthusiasts. The Piper computer Kit allows you to build your own computer and learn some…

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This is another kit designed to introduce eight-year-olds to the world of science, but in this case, we are talking about solar technology.…

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Everyone needs a little cactus in their life and this mini cactus planter is perfection at miniature scale. This mini cactus is about…

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Relax with the neck hammock, this tiny hammock for your head is designed to attach to any door and relieve any neck or…

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