Cool Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

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Here’s our collection of cool gifts for 8 year old boys perfect for birthdays or holidays. When your kids hit the 8th year mark, a lot of things about them begin to change especially if they are boys. They become little mutant creatures; part child, part teenager. Their physical and social skills emerge forcefully, and it becomes really hard to predict what would interest them or what would put them off.

A typical example of this scenario is when you set out to buy them gifts or toys for a special occasion. A little mistake or lapse in judgment can lead you to buy a gift that will annoy your child. You want to buy a gift that will be in tune with the trends and match what his peers are talking about at the moment.

Hard to guess, right? Well, this is why we have put up this article, to help you get an idea of the right gifts for 8 year old boys and ultimately, buy one for your boy.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, then hop on the train and let’s take a quick look at the best toys for 8 year old boys making the rounds in the market right now.

Gifts for Kids Cool Toys 🚂

Kids will love building their own Minions with this LEGO Minions kit. This 800+ piece LEGO set has you building 2 Minions that are around 5 inches tall. Once assembled the back…

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Don’t get bored just yet, here is another Lego kit for you to explore. It’s got nothing to do with our preference, kids love them that why they are so many. However,…

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Every boy loves a scooter that he can show off to his friends, and this kick scooter from Razor matches this description perfectly. It is the A3 version which is a lot bigger and is supported by an in-line wheel and a shock absorber. It is designed for intense riding and your 8-year-old boy should have no problem pushing it around the neighborhood.

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If you’re a handheld gamer you’ll love the new Nintendo Switch Lite. It can play all of the great games from the Switch but in a smaller mobile-only package. With up to 4…

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This one is for young programmers and computer enthusiasts. The Piper computer Kit allows you to build your own computer and learn some coding alongside. Imagine the excitement when your child builds…

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Does you know a boy loves to put things together and make a mess of the house in the process? The solution to this constant menace is to get him a real construction kit for him to play with. The set comes with over 480 parts including connectors and rods that are systematically joined together. With these parts, your 8-year-old can construct a car or a helicopter. The moving parts mimic real-life situations and improve the overall experience. It is also a STEM toy so you can rest assured that your kid will improve academically while building his favorite structures.

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Spikeball is a fun and highly competitive game, and I bet that your boy will love to have a kit of his own. Ideally, the game requires 3 or 4 people to…

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Made with Rimable plastic cruiser, this skateboard will spark excitement in your child. It is a very beautiful skateboard which stretches up to 22 inches to provide a thrilling skating experience for your child. If you are looking for a Non-STEM gift to buy for your boy, this is one option you can consider. It has super smooth PU wheels that carry a 3-inch aluminum truck.

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Are you looking for a toy that will keep reminding your boy about his core subjects in school? If yes, then you should definitely get him Stomp Jr. Glow Rocket toy. It is an ideal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) toy for your 8-year-old especially if he is inquisitive and passionate about computers and robots. The rocket can travel over 100 feet in the air. Your boy can play solo or invite his best friend to tag along. To get things going, they need to set up the launch stand in a clear outdoor space, connect an air hose, and load one of the foam rockets and watch on to see how far the rocket will go.

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The last gift item on our list of best toys for 8 year old boys is… Wait for it… Another Lego impression but this time, it’s not just any Lego. Do you remember Star Wars? I bet you do. This last gift item is a Darth Vader Lego. It has an alarm clock system and measures up to 9.5-inches. It’s the perfect bedside companion for your boy and he’ll thank you for it.
Not sure about the gift to get your 8-year-old boy? This is one that you should consider.
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It doesn’t matter what age your kid is, they will definitely love a Lego gift. This racing lego toy is not an exception. It is well crafted and its elements are to…

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Any eight-year-old boy needs to have fun but also needs to learn in the process too. This is why the ThinkFun Gravity Maze marble game is so special. It challenges children to be creative and sharpens their logical reasoning and planning skills. This is a great ‘play n learn’ toy that every eight-year-old should have. The kit features 60 beginners to expert challenges that will keep the player intrigued for hours. Inside the Gravity maze kit, you’d find an easy-to-read manual, a logic game, and a marble run. You can also join your son when he gets to the advanced levels.

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Osmo iPad for Kids or Genius kit as it is commonly known among kids makes a fantastic gift for kids. This ultra-modern toy is built specifically for kids who love to learn…

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Bop it! Twist it! Pull it! Everyone loves the classic game of Bop It and now you can enjoy it anywhere with the micro series Bop It. This never ending game that…

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Enhance your child’s love for photos and photography with this fun camera for children. It’s got a unique voice recording feature that you won’t find in toys of similar makeup.
The camera is designed to operate in two modes; movie and camera mode. But the interesting part, however, is the fact that the camera comes with a USB cable for downloading captured images. A wrist strap is attached to the camera to ensure that your child does not lose it. This is the perfect way to introduce your 8-year-old into the world of photography.
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This is an impressive construction set from National Geographic ( a brand you can trust). With its over 200 pieces, you can break the bounds of possibility and create figures you normally wouldn’t dare to before. Certainly, your 8-year-old boy will have fun putting dinosaurs, racecars, motorcycles, and trucks together. Everything needed for successful construction exercises is packed in the kit. Your 8-year-old engineer can begin his journey to success with this National Geographic Engineering Construction Set.

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