Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit

Ewwww… You hear this a lot from 8-year-olds when they are disgusted or irritated. Prepare to hear it again and again from your boy if you decide to buy this science kit for him.

For the records, this expression of disgust is actually a good thing because it is an indication that your child is learning new things about his body from the Scientific Explorer Disgusting Science Kit.

A note of warning though, do not buy this science kit for boys who are not interested in science, you’ll just piss them off. The complete kit comes with 4 petri dish, 4 cotton swabs, magnifier, gelatin, rubber balloon, green and red coloring, sugar, yeast, plastic bags, baking yeast, and guide.

This is a science kit for intense but friendly experiments, your science-loving boy will enjoy it very much.

Note: Adult supervision is required!

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