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80+ Products Updated on May 25, 2023

Whether a beer drinker or a wino we have a massive selection of drinking gifts any alcoholic will love. Maybe you’re looking for unique whisky stones or funny shot glasses we have something for everyone at the party.

It can be tough to find a funny alcohol gifts but we’ve done all the guesswork. Our team has been hard at work to find gifts that will get just about anyone drinking.

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Feel the spirit of the Viking ancestors flow through you each time you guzzle your golden brew from these wooden tankard beer mugs. Handcrafted from sturdy mango wood, these rustic tankards come…

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Spice up their margarita game with the Cocktail Sugar & Salts Tower, a must-have for any adventurous cocktail connoisseur. This tower features custom-made salts and sugars that will bring a new level…

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Make your loved ones feel like a top-notch bartender with the Casamigos Cocktail Gift Set. They can mix up fruity and refreshing cocktails with ease, thanks to the included Blackberry Basil Smash…

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Sip your way to margarita paradise with these stylish Lysenn Stemless Margarita Glasses! These premium quality hand-blown glasses are a must-have for any cocktail connoisseur. The stunning vertical stripes and gorgeous gold…

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Get ready to enjoy your craft beer without sacrificing your well-groomed mustache with the Mustache Beer Dam. This useful gadget goes on your beer glass and keeps the foamy beer from getting…

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Drinks all around! Any drinker will love the Ultimate Cocktail Kit. Full of fun syrups, sugars, coasters, and more there are plenty of cocktails you can make. Included is also a digital cocktail recipe book to get the most out of the kit.

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A stiff drink should burn, and with this Cocktail Smoking Chimney from The Crafty Cocktail, it’ll look like it does! Infusing your whiskey with wood smoke gives it a rich, sophisticated flavor,…

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It’s a classic image: a typewriter, a brilliant mind, and a glass. Featuring 100 different recipes loved by some of the greatest literary luminaries, How To Drink Like A Writer connects you…

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This tasteful cherry-stained acacia wood cocktail set is an en elegant fusion of sophistication and convenience. With 19 stainless steel and glass accessories, you’ll have everything you need to measure and mix…

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Never know what to drink? take your cocktail game to the next level with the Essential Cocktail Book full of 150 recipes. Break out the cocktail mixer and make some of the…

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Why lift a 25 pound weight when you can chug a 25 ounce glass of frothy deliciousness! This dumbbell shaped beer glass is perfect for those drinkings who want to feel like…

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Enhance the flavor of any food or drink and add some mystique to your next cocktail hour or dinner party. It makes for a great conversation piece. This food and drink smoker…

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Opening a coconut can be a pain. Especially if you love coconut water and coconut meat. This coconut opening kit includes all the tools you need to easily get into a coconut.…

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Make high quality cocktails at home with this Keurig style cocktail mixer. Once you’ve loaded up your favorite whiskey, vodka, rum, gin and tequila you’ll be making perfect cocktails in seconds. Just…

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Add an urban touch to your cocktail hour with these urban map glasses. With over 15 different cities these whiskey glasses will have you taking a mental stroll through familiar streets.

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Join the dark side of the force with this awesome Darth Vader ice ball mold. This silicone mold will make balls with Darth Vader’s mask on it, perfect for a cocktail night…

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Take the halloween festivities to the next level with this hilariously spooky skull and spine beer bong. Just pour some natty light into the skull and lift; you’ll be enjoying an instant…

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From beer drinkers to wine connoisseurs. Whether you’re looking for unique whisky stones or a funny shot glass, our collection has you covered. So don’t settle for boring gifts this year and upgrade to something that is sure to bring a smile to your friend’s faces.

At Awesome Stuff to Buy, we believe that even the simplest things in life can bring happiness and joy. So, why not start with a collection of unique and fun drinking accessories? So go ahead and get creative, have fun and cheers to good times with friends and family!