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33 Products Updated on Dec 4, 2019

Assortment of unique tools that will help you get any job done. Whether it’s a gift for the DIY handyman in your life or just a gadget for you we’ve found some of the coolest power and hand tools.

Cool Weapons Gifts for Guys ūüĎ®

The the DIY handyman in your life this universal socket is extremely useful. No longer will you have to fiddle with multiple socket sizes since this universal socket will fit on any…

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Engage in the fiercest battle with your Asian based food with these Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks. Choose between the light side and the dark side. Impress that fine woman on your first…

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If you’ve ever been in a kayak you know how much fun they can be on a backcountry trip. The only thing is the hassle of mounting your kayak to your car,…

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Using cast iron cookware is the only way to be a kitchen dynamo. We know.¬† But when food cakes up ‚ÄĒcrusty and hellbent on hanging around ‚ÄĒ cleaning becomes¬†an extreme pain in…

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Confidence is sexy. And convenience is priceless. You get both with our sleek, magnetized bottle opener. No more bending over like a dork after cracking open a brew. You‚Äôll never pick up…

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GO GO GADGET… Yes. You’ve always wanted to be incredibly equipped. Stuffed with gadgets, motors, extendable limbs, etc… The truth is, very few of us have the luxury of affording such a…

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Catch and release spiders with ease with the Spider Catcher! Perfect for removing spiders big and small from your home.

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Reading a tape measure can be annoying, you want an exact length, well with this digital tape measure you’ll get an exact read out of length. Or if you’re feeling analog you…

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Show the seriousness of your real life community posting by stabbing a katana straight through your 9 by 11 memo. There is no need for weak and petty office instruments here. It…

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But first, let me toast a selfie. Yes, the world is a sick sick place and given this fact some genius thought it necessary to enable you to make toast with your…

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This handy little trinket will come up big whenever a sharp task presents itself. A perfect must have for any wallet bearer. A perfect little gift for that guy who is always…

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Cruise through the open waters with convenience and ease in this fold-able clear kayak from Clear Blue Hawaii. This Kayak is perfect for treading water in an arena with an abundance of…

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Show off your true nerd when you bake cookies for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone likes cookies, but everyone LOVES Star Wars cookies. Can your oven even handle the awesomeness? There is…

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Control time with the power of…. water? This water clock made by Bedol is exactly what you need if you are in the interest of reducing your carbon foot print. This clock…

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Nothing is worse than having to close a half empty bag of chips, luckily you can now reseal your chips with the¬†iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer! Keep it on your fridge for quick use…

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It is a tedious task to remove the leaves from your favorite herbs and can be quite time consuming. This handy little kitchen gadget reduces the time and effort required to get…

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“Hey man, do you have the time”? “Totally bro, let me check right quick… Dude it’s 4:20.” Stay hella furred by ensuring your herb is well ground and at the ready. The…

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Tired of getting your hands messy when you want just the whites or the yolks? Love fish? Great… check out this nifty little kitchen gadget that takes the struggle out of eating…

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