Cool Candles

17 Products Updated on Mar 12, 2019

Candles are a great way to add a nice scent to a room plus add a bit of atmosphere. With this collection of cool candles you’ll be sure to surprise and delight anyone who visits your home. Whether you’ll looking for a candle to add sentimental value or just a candle to give you a laugh we have you covered with this collection of unique candles.

Cool Home Stuff

What scent makes you think of home? These hand-poured candles have bottled the quintessential scents from every state and are sure to spark your favorite hometown memories with each light. These make…

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Buying the latest Apple products can be financially draining. Replace your tech addition with the Twelve South Inspire: Mac Candle No. 2, designed with that new mac scent. A perfect gift for…

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Spruce up your home with these beautiful little cactus candles. A fantastic way to add western vibes to any party or just your home decor. These candles typically burn for 4 hours until they…

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Enjoying the sound of a crackling fire with the unique woodwick candles. Their woodwick create a crackling sound as they burn for pleasure on the ears and nose.

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Sneaker addict? This set of sneaker candles designed to look like Air Jordan III, Air Jordan IV, and Air Jordan XI are a sure slam dunk. Burn them after a hard day on…

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There is nothing more powerful than a stream of rainbow tears running down a unicorn’s face. With this crying unicorn candle you can set your home decor to a whole new level.…

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Regular candles are boring, add some flare to your candle arsinel with the PyroPet melting cat candle. Watch as the candle melts and the metal bone structure of the car inside is…

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Feeling homesick? Light up a Froot Loop Scented Candle and play your favorite Nintendo game. The scent will fill the air for hours. Other scents are available too. It’s a great way…

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Can’t get enough of that grease filled aroma? Want to be enveloped in that onion and burger scented paradise? This is the candle for you. Wildly funny and surely to impress that…

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Who doesn’t love the smell of melted chocolate? scent your house with some delicious Hershey chocolate with this scented candle. This is far easier and cleaner than leaving some chocolate bars around…

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Start a war at the kid’s next party with these Army Men on top of your cake. Any grown man will also appreciate these army men candles on their cake because they will be…

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Enjoy watching this candle melt into a skull head and bleeding out of the eyes. As the candle melts it’s wax falls through the skull’s eyes, which gives an awesome spooky effect.

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Get husky with these awesome candle sticks that look like corn, this will look perfect on your Thanksgiving. These candle sticks look like corn and are wrapped in actual corn husks for…

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Qualities of a Good Candle

Candles can vary in quality which ultimately can affect burn quality and fragrance. Low quality candles will use lead wicks and paraffin wax, high quality candles tend to use cotton wicks and soy wax plus phthalate free fragrance oil.

Candles on our list can vary greatly but all of them are sure to be fun.

What is the Best Brand of Candle?

Etsy has become a huge source of hand made candles that are typically higher quality than massively produced brands. For example Bath and Body Works candles are typically overpriced and burn quickly but Yankee Candle’s seem to have a long burn time. In the end it’s good to know you’re supporting a smaller shop who hand makes candles rather than a huge company.

Why are Candles so Expensive?

High quality candles can seem expensive but if a candle has an organic combination of oils used to create the fragrance this can greatly increase the cost to produce the candle. Things like burn speen and how evenly the candle burns are also an indication of quality.