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Get ready for the holiday season with one of these funny ugly Christmas sweaters.

Business Suit Ugly Christmas Sweater

Show everyone you mean business this Christmas with this hysterical pullover sweatshirt! With fake lapels and a printed-on holiday tie (yule tie?), the sheer ridiculousness of it all is sure to get a laugh from your friends and family. Pullovers are always supposed to go over the top, but this just gives it a whole new meaning!

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Yelling At Cat Meme Couples Sweater

A good couples outfit is always a hit, and they don’t come much funnier than this! Based on the rampant screaming-at-a-cat meme, it gently makes light of the way different people wish each other well during the winter holidays.

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Personalized Face Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nothing brightens up an ugly Christmas sweater quite like the face of you or someone you love! With the option to add anywhere from one to six faces, you might be able to put your whole family on this sweater. Better yet, you could put your own face on it six times! With that much of your own face on something, you can’t accurately say these sweaters are ugly anymore,…

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Power Ranger Ugly Sweaters

Rangers! A giant snow cloud is moving in on Angel Grove! These charmingly tacky sweaters are based on your suits. Take these, and fight against the forces of winter and cold, and don’t come back before you’ve thoroughly karate-d that cloud until it explodes! Unfortunately, combining these sweaters won’t turn them into a gigantic Megasweater, but wearing several of them will make you warmer.

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Darth Vader Ugly Christmas Sweater

I find your lack of cheer disturbing! This hilarious sweater features one of Darth Vader’s iconic lines with a holiday twist. Perfect for the Star Wars fan who wants to share some holiday cheer.

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Rick and Morty Ugly Sweater

Make a blast at this Christmas at the ugly sweater party with this Rick and Morty themed ugly sweater. With “Happy Human Holiday” on the front you’re sure to get a laugh from anyone who loves dark humor. As a plus it also has a giant naked exploded santa on the back.

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Star Wars Holiday Sweaters

Celebrate the holidays in a galaxy far far away with these awesome Star Wars holiday sweaters. Bring the dark side to any ugly sweater party with options including Vader or a Stormtrooper.

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Hotline Bling Ugly Christmas Sweater

You used to call me on my cell phone… Hotline Bling has been stuck in everyone’s head for weeks now. Commemorate this achievement by Drake for the holidays with this ugly sweater. Great for your ugly sweater bar crawl with all of your college friends.

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We hope our collection of ugly Christmas sweaters brightens up your holidays!

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