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Our handpicked collection of Unicorn gifts full of mythical power from unicorn toys to inflatables. This colorful collection of unicorn gift ideas are sure to please kids and adults alike.


1. Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

The Doctor Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe is the perfect way to turn bath time into a magical experience for your little ones. With a soft horn, ears, and a yarn mane on the unicorn hood, and 10 fun patterns to choose from, they’ll never want to take it off. The washable polyester flannel fabric is super soft, and the elastic belt makes it easy to bundle up your child after a bath. Get ready for some enchanting and cozy evenings with this adorable and functional bathrobe.

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4. Inflatable Glitter Unicorn Pool Float

Make relaxing in the pool a magical experience with this hilarious and adorable unicorn-shaped pool float that sparkles and shines in the sun! It even comes with a tiny matching unicorn drink float so you can keep your refreshments handy, and so that your big unicorn doesn’t get lonely. Also available are Swan, Seahorse, and Giraffe versions. You could make a sparkly floating zoo!

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5. Unicorn Ice Cube Tray

Bring the mystical power of unicorns directly to your drinks with this hilarious unicorn ice cube tray. With its unique unicorn shape and room to make 8 unicorn-shaped ice cubes, this is the perfect addition to any themed birthday or just a daily unicorn drink.

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7. Crying Unicorn Candle

Everyone wants to be a unicorn, except this unicorn. The daily pressures of unicorning have become too big a burden to bear, what with the unrealistic expectations bestowed upon her. She can’t even leave the forest with a single silken hair out of place, for fear of being accused of not “unicorning” hard enough. And don’t even get her started on the would-be wizards hunting her for her magical headpiece.…

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8. Unicorn Sconce Wall Light

My horn, will light the sky! Light up any room with a bit of personality. This legendary creature will light up your room with its magical horn. White unicorn trophy head with rainbow pastel mane and light-up horn Keyhole slot on the back for easy wall hanging Rainbows not included

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9. Unicorn Taco Holder

Finally taco tuesday can be magical with this unicorn taco holder. No longer will you have to worry about your taco flopping over with this taco holder that has space for one taco.

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10. Unicorn Tears Gin

Add a bit of this mythical spirit to your cocktails made entirely from tears of Unicorns. Real Unicorn Gin includes a glittery finish and 40% alcohol. A real treat for any gin lover (or Unicorn lover!)

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12. Unicork – Unicorn Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

As both a functional and decorative item, the Unicork makes for an excellent gift to anyone who enjoys unicorn novelties. This beer and wine bottle opener combination is unlike anything else available. While other comparable unicorn corkscrews often break with use, the Unicork is durable metal and the corkscrew horn is screwed into place with an extremely strong metal adhesive. With the mighty force of its unbreakable golden horn and…

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13. Unicorn Soap Bar

Add a bit of magic to bathtime with this unicorn soap bar. Perfect for unicorn lovers or even the kids! This handcrafted soap bar has fruity fragrance.

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14. Unicorn Piggy Bank

Add a little glitter and whimsy to your child’s room with this hand-painted unicorn bank. Watch your progress through the transparent cover; you’ll save so quickly, it’ll feel like magic!

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16. Unicorn Dog Costume

Give your furry friend the power of a Unicorn with this magical unicorn dog costume. Exactly what your little pup needs while running around the house. Plus it’s small enough to fit a cat as well.

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18. Unicorn Bouquet

Brighten up your lady’s Valentine’s day with this magical bouquet of unicorns.¬†Roses will die but these tiny plush unicorns will live forever.¬†Plus unicorns can be detached from their stems so you can fill your room with 11 little unicorns.

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19. Unicorn Pool Float

Celebrate summer in style by floating around the pool in this rainbow-tastic¬†Unicorn pool float. Its mythical horn is sure add a touch of magic to any pool party ‚ėÄÔłŹ. It’s a huge tube with it’s 45 inch span and 25% thicker vinyl material, so it’ll last for summers to come.

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20. Crying Unicorn Candle

There is nothing more powerful than a stream of rainbow tears running down a unicorn’s face. With this crying unicorn candle you can set your home decor to a whole new level. Load this unicorn up with a horn and watch as the wax melts through its eyes (responsibly on a plate of course). Included two rainbow spiralled horns.

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21. Giant Inflatable Unicorn

It’s a horse, no it’s a zebra, no it’s your own 7 foot Giant Inflatable Unicorn. You’ll be the talk of the town with this far out unicorn. Be the first in your neighborhood to have this mythical character. With his pink hooves and colorful mane and tail, he’ll be the perfect guest anywhere. He’s completely potty trained and makes a great pet. Have fun now!

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22. Unicorn Tape Dispenser

Enjoy the power of the rainbow at your office¬†with this unicorn tape dispenser desk accessory.¬†With it’s rainbow tape you’ll be able to add a bit of color to any office plus it’s magical golden horn is sure to inspire anyone. If you love magic you should own one of these. This will go especially well with a magical unicorn mask.

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23. Magical Unicorn Hood

Be accepted with the unicorns while wearing the magicorn unicorn hood.¬†Great for a night out at a rave or just a house party with friends. You’ll be sure to attract new friends with its golden horn. Plus it’ll keep your hands and head warm all night long.

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25. Magical Unicorn Mask

OK friends… It is time to get magical up in this piece. Embrace your inner beauty by showing it on your exterior with this fantastically Magical Unicorn Mask. Sure, we have all seen the horse mask and there is no reason to question its glory. But here we have a fucking unicorn head. It doesn’t get much more classy than this.

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26. Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats

Unicorns are real and they are running around your house if you plop this inflatable unicorn horn on your kitty. After putting this on your cat you’ll¬†instantly¬†have a uni-cat and you won’t even have to travel to any¬†mythical¬†lands.

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27. Unicorn Mask

Running around in a magical unicorn mask can turn some heads, luckily it’s now¬†available! Throw your old horse head mask away, and get a horn on your head with the unicorn head mask.

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Unicorns are a symbol of magic, wonder, and the power of imagination, and they’re universally adored by people of all ages. This collection of cool gifts for unicorn lovers is perfect for those who can’t get enough of these mythical creatures. From adorable hooded bathrobes to magical unicorn slippers and playful unicorn jewelry, there is something for every unicorn fan out there. So whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, holiday present, or just a little something to show your love, you’ll find plenty of inspiring ideas here that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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What is a Unicorn?

Everyone loves the classic mythical creature. With origins from the middle ages a unicorn is a horse-like animal with a longhorn out of their head.


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