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This collection of gift ideas for yoga lovers is sure to bring inner peace to any practicing yogi.  From mats to yoga accessories this collection of yoga gifts is sure to delight the yogi in your life. Whether someone does yoga at home or at a yoga studio these unique yoga gift will make the perfect present.


1. Yoga Poses Poster

Level up your zen game with this comprehensive yoga poses poster! Featuring 150 different asanas, this poster caters to yogis of all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Hang it up in your home studio, office, or wherever you roll out your mat, and explore new ways to stretch, strengthen, and find your inner peace.

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2. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Get ready to impress your favorite yogi with the Manduka PRO Yoga Mat. It’s so thick and comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re levitating on a cloud. Not to mention, the extra-long option is perfect for those who are taller or just want a little more room to stretch out. And with its durable construction, this mat will outlast all your past relationships combined.

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3. Kulae Elite Hybrid Yoga Mat/Towel

Know a Yogi who loves hot yoga classes? Well the Kulae Elite hybrid yoga mat combines a yoga towel and mat all in one. This 72″ x 24″ yoga mat is designed to absorb sweat while keeping you in place.

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4. Serenity Stone Pillows

Bring serenity to your yoga space with theseserenity stone floor pillows. These plushy pillows can be used as yoga props or just as nature-inspired cushions.

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5. Do Yoga Tote

Log out, shut down, and do yoga! This tote bag will be the perfect accessory for yogis to bring into yoga class. Easily tote your yoga mat, towel and water bottle with this oversized bag. Made from 100% cotton and leather straps.

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6. Goat Yoga Party Game

Finally yoga meets a gun crazy goat-based game. With the included inflatable goat this party game is sure to give yogis a laugh. Strike a pose from one of the cards with the goat on you for points and keep track of your score with included score card.

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7. Tea Drop Sampler

Tea lovers rejoice! This cute tea drop set comes with a variety of teas including, sweet peppermint, matcha, citrus ginger, and blueberry acai teas. With sugar and spices in each tea drop you can just drop them in hot water to enjoy (no tea bag needed).

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9. The Ultimate Back Roller

Whether you have back pain or just want to prepare for yoga class the ultimate back roller is sure to relieve your back. Designed by a chiropractor this back roller uses a large wheel shape and bump pattern to give your back a deep tissue massage.

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10. Twister Yoga Mat Towel

The forces of yoga and twister have combined in this hilarious Twister yoga mat towel. Just throw it over any yoga mat to reduce sweat and slipping and wait for colors to be called out. Kidding of course, but any yogi with a sense of humor will get a laugh out of this gift.


11. Yoga Dinnerware Plates

Give off positive energy at your next dinner party with this set of yoga dinnerware plates. With different motivational and inspirational saying on each plate these make a great yoga gift.

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12. Non-Slip Yoga Socks

These yoga socks are an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys yoga, barre, dance, or even pilates. You won’t have to worry about slipping around when you’re at the yoga studio when wearing these socks due to their non-slip bottoms.

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13. Yoga Kit

Take your zen to go! This compact yoga carry case includes everything you need for a complete yoga experience. Easily pack or unpack in minutes and set up at home, in the studio, in the park, or wherever you tap into relaxation!

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14. Yoga Cookie Cutters

Bite down on fun with this set of 3 yoga cookie cutters. Yoga poses include goddess, half moon, and warrior two. Best of all you can make yoga shaped cookies for everyone at the studio.

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15. Yoga Dice

Get inspired for your yoga session with this set of yoga dice. Whether you do yoga at the studio or home this set of 7 dice is sure to keep you motivated in your yoga activities.

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16. Yoga Poses Mug

This yoga poses mug is a great gift for the yogi who wants to wake up to a cup of coffee and be reminded of each of the chakras. Best of all this coffee mug comes with a tiny yoga mat coaster!

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18. Yoga Joes

Keep the peace with this collection of Yoga Joes action figures. These green army men aren’t carrying weapons but enjoying Yoga. With classic yoga poses included like Warrior One and Child’s Pose these are sure to give a smile to any Yogi.

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19. Finger Yoga Kit

Mind body and index finger, give your fingers the serenity they deserve with this finger yoga kit. Including mini yoga pants for your pointer and middle fingers this kit is sure to get your hand yoga career started off right. Best of all it also has a desktop yoga mat and two mini yoga blocks. Additionally it comes with a 32 page book full of finger yoga poses.

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That concludes our “Gifts for Yogis” collection. We hope you found the perfect gift for your yogi friend or loved one that will help them deepen their practice and enhance their yoga experience.

Our carefully curated selection of yoga mats, accessories, and other products will inspire mindfulness and promote wellness. Give the gift of tranquility and serenity with these thoughtful and unique gift ideas.


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