Yoga Gifts

11 Products Updated on Jul 3, 2019

This collection of gift ideas for yoga lovers is sure to bring inner peace to any practicing yogi.  From mats to yoga accessories this collection of yoga gifts is sure to delight the yogi in your life.

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Yoga Gifts // Awesome Stuff to Buy

Give off positive energy at your next dinner party with this set of yoga dinnerware plates. With different motivational and inspirational saying on each plate these make a great yoga gift.

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These yoga socks are an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys yoga, barre, dance, or even pilates. You won’t have to worry about slipping around when you’re at the yoga studio when…

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Take your zen to go! This compact yoga carry case includes everything you need for a complete yoga experience. Easily pack or unpack in minutes and set up at home, in the…

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Bite down on fun with this set of 3 yoga cookie cutters. Yoga poses include goddess, half moon, and warrior two. Best of all you can make yoga shaped cookies for everyone…

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Get inspired for your yoga session with this set of yoga dice. Whether you do yoga at the studio or home this set of 7 dice is sure to keep you motivated in…

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This yoga poses mug is a great gift for the yogi who wants to wake up to a cup of coffee and be reminded of each of the chakras. Best of all…

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Keep the peace with this collection of Yoga Joes action figures. These green army men aren’t carrying weapons but enjoying Yoga. With classic yoga poses included like Warrior One and Child’s Pose…

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Mind body and index finger, give your fingers the serenity they deserve with this finger yoga kit. Including mini yoga pants for your pointer and middle fingers this kit is sure to…

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