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Looking for a Batman related gift? Well you’re in the right place we have everything a Batman fan will love.

1. Emergency Batarangs

Super-criminals have taken over your neighborhood, and you forgot your utility belt! Fortunately, these stainless steel Batarangs have got your back! They come with 3 Batarangs to an order, and a gorgeous black-framed wall mount display featuring optional decals that read ‘EMERGENCY BATARANGS’ or ‘IN CASE OF INJUSTICE’. We urge you to remember, though- these Batarangs are very sharp. They’re not toys, and aren’t actually mean for superhero antics. You’re…

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2. Batman Chess Set

Batman fans who love chess will lose their mind over this Batman chess set featuring the Dark Knight vs the Joker. Officially licenced by Warner Bros the set features tons of classic Batman references like Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and more.

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3. Bat Signal Projector

Just what every Batman fan needs to summon Batman whenever they are in trouble. This Bat signla projector works indoor or out and is the perfect way to show your love for Batman.

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5. Batarang Letter Opener

Open mail in style with this Batarang letter opener. You’ll be slicing through all your mail in Batman fashion. A COLLECTOR’S ITEM – This beautifully constructed Letter Opener is unique and constructed fitted to its purpose. GIVE A GIFT THAT WILL BE CHERISHED FOREVER – This Letter Opening is the perfect gift every Batman fan will love and hold onto forever. BATMAN’S SIGNATURE WEAPON – The batarang’s elegant form makes…

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6. Light Up Batman Sign

Let the classic bat signal live on forever by hanging this light up Batman sign on your wall. Every comic book geek will love seeing Gotham’s finest symbol as they fall asleep. Handcrafted from wood and metal and other colors other than white are available by request.

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7. Batman Wall Outlet

Want to be your son or daughter’s hero? Throw this on their outlets and I promise you they will **** their pants. Dad of the year award? I think so. These adorable Batman Electrical Outlet Wall Art Stickers are NOT JUST FOR KIDS. Any self respecting adult would want to spruce up their living space with some action, no doubt. Make sure to check out all the products from ElectricStickerCo.

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8. Batman Mirror

Perfect for the Batcave this Batman Mirror will be sure to fit in any comic book fan’s home. With it’s 28 inch wingspan it’ll be sure to catch eyes as the centerpiece of a room.

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9. Batman Ice Cube Tray

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN! Yeah, that is 16 Na’s for those curious, which is the correct number of Na’s. This ice try makes 12 cubes… see the connection? Neither do we. But these little cubes are intriguingly geeky and something I want to chill my drink. What is ‘cooler’ than batman?

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10. Batman Snuggie

The Dark Knight rises… in warmth with this classic Batman snuggie. Who needs to defend innocent civilians when you can sit in the comfort of your home rocking this Batman snuggie. The only thing you’ll need to defend is the TV remote control from the wife.

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11. Batman Car Booster Seat

For the ultimate baby Batman fan, this will have any kid styling while sitting in the back seat. It also has two spots for frosty brews firmly in the grips of Batman’s hands.

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12. Batman Bookshelf

This bookshelf is brilliant for your billionaire pad in Gotham city. Bruce Wayne himself would be storing his DVDs, comic books and books in this super sleek Batman bookshelf.

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13. Batman Brake Light Cover

Want a Batman shaped brake light? just cut out one of these batman brake light covers and apply it to your brake light for that batmobile look. Luckily this will get us all to being one step closer to being Batman, just arm your utility box and call up Robin and you’ll be there in no time.


14. Batman Mask Cufflinks

Introduce everyone to your nerd fashion with these officially licensed Batman mask cufflinks. If you’re a fan of the comic or the movies these will make a great addition to any man’s cufflink collection.

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We hope you enjoyed our Batman gift guide. Need more gift ideas? check out our geek gifts and Star Wars gift.

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