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Whether it’s for you or the bookworm in your life we’ve found some of the coolest bookmarks money can buy. This collection of unique bookmarks will get anyone excited to crack a book.

Personalized Wire Name Bookmark

Mark your page in style with this personalized wire name bookmark. Customize with your name or initials in a lovely script font. The flexible yet durable wire is coated in colored enamel for a smooth, chip-resistant finish. The perfect size for any book, this charming bookmark makes a thoughtful gift for bookworms. With its customizable design and sturdy wire construction, it will hold your place for years of reading enjoyment.

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Sword Bookmark

Looking to add some medieval flair to your reading game? Look no further than this sword bookmark! With its metal construction and ornate hilt, it’s sure to keep your page safe from marauding dragons and invading armies. Perfect for fantasy readers, history buffs, or anyone who just wants to feel a little more badass while they read.

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Final Fantasy Save Bookmark

It’s just about the most appropriate idea for a bookmark you can imagine, considering the ways that Final Fantasy can transport you to magical worlds for hours on end, and its characters can take residence in your imagination for years to come- just like a good book. Available in standard or laminated varieties, so you can save your progress for years to come.

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Finger Pointing Bookmark

Level up your bookmarking with these finger pointing bookmarks that remembers exactly which line you were reading. Made from elastic it’ll fit most books plus grip onto the line. Comes in 3 colors to make a cute gift for the bookworm in your life 🤓

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Pokemon Bookmarks

Let your Pokemon friends hold your place in your books with this handmade Pokemon bookmarks. Choose from many of your favorite Pokemon including Pikachu, Charmander, Eevee, Squirtle, and Meowth.

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Book Hook Bookmark

Subside your guilt by turning all of your half-finished books into beautifully designed home accessories with these “Book Hook” placeholders. Your friends and family won’t even think to ask you about the book and instead ask you for interior design tips.

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Sprout Bookmark

Sprout, sprout, bring your books out, this is a thing I cannot read without. Remember your place with eco-swag, these sprout bookmarks will look in any tree huggers home.

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Whether you’re a bookworm looking to spice up your reading experience or searching for a gift for the reader in your life, these creative bookmarks prove that this humble reading accessory can be so much more than just a placeholder. With options ranging from literary prints to pop culture icons, nature-inspired designs, and beyond, there are endless ways to showcase your personality through bookmarks that are as stylish as they are practical. So next time you crack open a new book, do so with a unique bookmark that makes the reading journey all the more fun and personalized. Because as much as we love the stories between the covers, with bookmarks like these, the bookmarks themselves deserve a bit of attention, too.

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