Cool Bottle Openers

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Open a beer bottle in style with these cool bottle openers. From keychain size to wall mounted we have found the coolest ways to open bottles around. If you love to drink or just want to surprise the drinker in your life anyone will love these bottle openers.

1. Green Army Man Bottle Opener

Need a little assistance with that bottle in your hand? Crack open a cold one with military precision using this nifty little beer bottle opener. Made from die-cast metal, you know he is ready to stand up to any task. You wont even need to call for backup.

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2. Axe Bottle Opener

Pop open a beer with this cool bottle opener designed to look like an axe. Whether you drink soda or beers this axe shaped bottle opener will make you feel like a lumberjack everytime you open a bottle.

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3. Hook and Ring Game Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

If your house is the life of the party in the summer this wall-mounted hook and ring game with bottle opener will be the perfect addition. Everyone will enjoy trying to swing this tiny ring onto the hook and cracking their beers. Plus the magnetic bottle cap catcher will ensure no ones caps get misplaced. Whether it’s for the man cave or backyard this combo will make a fantastic addition…

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4. Bottle Opener Fidget Spinner

Finally a way to fidget and drink a few brews. This fidget spinner bottle opener will be able to crack beers on the fly while allowing you to spin to your heart’s desire. With 3 sides you’ll be the life of the party popping everyone’s brews!


5. Micro Bottle Opener

Feast your eyes on the smallest bottle opener known to man! But damn if it doesn’t do a great job!   This PiCO Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is an essential tool for the beer aficionado. It’s exceptionally portable and doesn’t take up a ton of room on your key chain like a classic bottle opener. It is exceptionally durable given that it is made purely out of titanium and incredibly…

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6. One Handed Bottle Opener

If you are trying to double fist a beer there really is no time to put one down and use two hands to opener another. Safe yourself from sobriety and effort and get yourself this One Handed Bottle Opener. You will be glad you did once you get crackin’. Also – who doesn’t like that dude who always has a bottle opener at the ready? More importantly – who doesn’t…

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7. Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

The thought on everyone’s mind while playing hockey is, hey why isn’t this hockey puck a bottle opener? well finally there is a solution, this bottle opener is crafted from an actual hockey puck.

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8. Bar10Der Bartending Tool

Be the hit at your next party by offering all options for your guests when it comes to making a top notch mixed beverage! Convenient, stylish, and loaded with features that you couldn’t get in any other single device! Features: 1. Muddler-Crush fruit, herbs, spices and more to extract 2. Reamer- Add freshly squeezed juice from your favorite fruits 3. Channel Knife- Create twists and other garnishes 4. Jigger- Get…

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