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Freeze the Fun with These Cool Ice Cube Trays!

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Stay cool with this collection of cool ice cube trays. From geeky to clever we’ve found some of the coolest ice trays money can buy.

Skull and Crossbones Ice Cube Tray

Ahoy mateys! Add some pirate flair to your drinks with this Skull and Crossbones Ice Cube Tray. Each tray makes 4 skull and 4 crossbones ice cubes or jelly treats that are perfect for your next swashbuckling shindig. The tray is easy to clean and keep, and the cavities are approximately 3/4″ deep. Your mates will be impressed by this fun and quirky addition to your drinkware collection.

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Octopus Ice Tray

Ready to take your drink game to the next level? The Octopus Ice Tray is here to make a splash! This silicone rubber tray lets you make 4 octopus-shaped ice cubes at once, perfect for adding some fun to your next drink. And with its flexible mold, removing the ice cubes is a breeze. Plus it’s safe for the dishwasher, so cleanup is a snap. Serve up some drinks with…

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Star Wars Ice Cube Molds

Star Wars fans will love dropping one of these nerdy ice cubes in their drink. This set of 8 Star Wars ice molds includes all of your favorite refrences including the Millenium Falcon, Stormstroopers, x-wing, Han in Carbonite, and more!

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Unicorn Ice Cube Tray

Bring the mystical power of unicorns directly to your drinks with this hilarious unicorn ice cube tray. With its unique unicorn shape and room to make 8 unicorn-shaped ice cubes, this is the perfect addition to any themed birthday or just a daily unicorn drink.

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Darth Vader Ice Mold

Join the dark side of the force with this awesome Darth Vader ice ball mold. This silicone mold will make balls with Darth Vader’s mask on it, perfect for a cocktail night with the Empire. Photo from Sur-la-table

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Super Mario Bros. Ice Cube Tray

Cool down your drinks and save princess peach at the same time with these Mario style ice cubes. Coins, stars, Mario jumping, all of the Mario’s 8-bit graphics are represented in this ice cube tray.

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No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

Finally… Someone cares about splashing water all over their freezer and having inadequate ice-cubes. This handy little device from OXO Good Grips ensures the water stays in the tray and the cubes come out uniform and complete. You can put it in the freezer at any direction or angle and the water will stay secure! No need to play a game of Jenga just to ensure your future drinks will…

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Snapchat Ice Cube tray

Perfect for your next Snapchat worthy party, make eight ghost shaped ice cubes especially great for a Mar-ghoul-rita’s and Boo-jito’s. If you’re a snapchatoholic this Snapchat ice cube tray is a must have item for your freezer.


Square Ice Cube Mold

Spice up your average cocktail party with massive square ice cubes. They are larger than average ice cubes so they are perfect for a classic cocktail like an Old Fashioned.

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Batman Ice Cube Tray

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na BATMAN! Yeah, that is 16 Na’s for those curious, which is the correct number of Na’s. This ice try makes 12 cubes… see the connection? Neither do we. But these little cubes are intriguingly geeky and something I want to chill my drink. What is ‘cooler’ than batman?

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Critical Hit D20 Ice Mold

Sip strong at your next D&D gathering with D20 ice cubes using this ice mold. Also effective for about 1-2 die rolls, unless you live in a freezer (melting and what not). The only thing cooler than the person who owns this trinket is the drink they are sipping out of.

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Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

Jaws sneaking up on you in your drink is always a pleasure, luckily you can keep your drinks cool and shark filled with the shark fin ice cube tray.

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Lego Ice Cube Tray

Every kid at heart loves legos, so why wouldn’t you love some lego shaped ice cubes in your cocktails. Photo From: 1finecookie

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Whether you’re looking to add some fun to your drinks or impress your guests, these ice cube trays have got you covered. With a variety of designs to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your style. So, stay cool and enjoy your drinks in style with these unique and playful ice cube trays. Cheers to icy adventures ahead!

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