Lensball: Crystal Ball for Photography

For photographers, the Lensball is a crystal ball for visual magic! Made scratch and bubble free out of the same special K9 crystal used in camera lenses, the flawlessly constructed Lensball is great for getting unique, high-quality shots that seem to heighten reality. Maybe you can’t see the future in this crystal ball, but it sure does make for a great looking present!

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Bring some colorful clouds to your bedroom with this adjustable RGB LED light cloud. This handmade lamp is battery-powered and includes a bluetooth…

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Wow such excite! This doge mask will bring much joy to all parties. The perfect mask to engage in long stares to the…


Get husky with these awesome candle sticks that look like corn, this will look perfect on your Thanksgiving. These candle sticks look like…

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Every Pokemon master should start their morning by sipping coffee out of this pokeball coffee mug. Any geeky Pokemon fan will appreciate this…

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