Personalized Voodoo Doll

Finally you can turn anyone into a mini voodoo doll. Treat them nice and give them a hug or grab a pack of pins and show them who’s boss. Great for a best friend, ex-bestfriend, or even an ex-lover.

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You know how great Tide Pods are at cleaning your clothes (and maybe even breath)! Well now you can get squeaky clean and…

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Who isn’t familiar with president Trump’s twitter account at this point. With over 35,000 tweets Donald Trump has flip flopped on a few…

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Why not wash your hands with the beast that you just released from your bowels? Incredibly disgusting, but equally as humorous. Makes a…


Dive into the world of Seinfeld with the Seinfeldia book. Discover the fascinating story of how the groundbreaking show about nothing was created…

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