Fake Stick-On Power Outlet

Prank for the new age

Do you like laughing at other people’s expense? Awesome! :p 

Let the games begin!

Here’s the perfect outlet to release all your pinned up pranking desires! (pun intended)

Clown the sh*t out of friends..family..or strangers with this super realistic, yet totally fake electric outlet faceplate. 

How sweet it is! Just stick it on the wall and enjoy the befuddlement on their faces as they slowly realize they’ve been duped. Bwhahahah! 

Yes, it seems a little mean. But hey, people deserve it, right? Yes..they do! So don’t be afraid to let your a$$hole side come out to play, and claim your share of laughs. Give these jack-wagons a dose of frustration and relish the moment. We won’t rat you out! 

It’s a real faceplate, so unsuspecting victims wont think twice about trying to shove a plug in it. While they’re asking — “ Is this thing childproof or something? “ You’ll be giggling, thinking no it’s just dumba$$ proof. Now that’s true power! Lol. 

The best part? It’s the gag gift that keeps on giving! Slap it on the wall in a public place, and let fresh newcomers make an ass of themselves for years to come. Airports, libraries, hotel rooms..hell you can even fool the staff. No one will know it was you. Yes, it’s slightly depraved, but so much fun! 

Why Ozzy’s Fake Stick-on Power Outlet is Awesome –

  • You get TWO individual fake outlet faceplates
  • Has super-sticky adhesive, so they stay firmly fixed to walls
  • They’re real faceplates and receptacles, so people get fooled every time
  • Is a stellar practical gift for hardcore prank lovers
  • Lasts a long time —not a one hit wonder
  • A perfect prank gift for under $20
  • Gives you the twisted joy you need to appease your evil side, muhahahah
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