Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator

Beam me up, Scotty! What, nobody ever said that on the show? Well, nothing is stopping you! This authentically modeled communicator pairs to any Bluetooth capable phone, allowing you to answer calls with the very device that inspired the earliest cell phone designs. The high-quality design materials and the capacity for wireless charging make this a perfect prop that doesn’t skimp on the details and is the closest you can get to using the real thing.

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Trek yourself in to bed at night with this comfy Starfleet sleepwear! Available in gold, blue, and red, you can dress for any…

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Test your cunning and diplomatic prowess against your friends in this Trek-inspired version of the classic Settlers of Catan strategy game. Special Character…

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This Lego Digital Camera that is made for children is designed to look like stack of Legos. The camera is designed to hold…