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Everyone knows a wine lover, and if you want to get them something other than a fine bottle of wine, you’ve come to the right place. We have a great collection of cool gifts for wine lovers. Wine gifts that include unique wine glasses, custom wine bottles, and other odd wine accessories. ūüć∑


1. Wine Pun Dish Towel

Sip, savor, and bring the puns to your kitchen with our Wine Pun Dish Towels! Whether you prefer white, red, rose, or even bubbly, there’s a towel for every wine lover in this hilarious bunch. Get ready to giggle and dry your dishes in style with these witty and whimsical towels.

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3. Electric Wine Opener

There’s no printable word for the rage induced by trying to opening a bottle of wine only to end up ripping the cork. Fortunately, Secura’s rechargeable electric wine bottle opener can spare you that pain by just doing the job for you! Easy to operate, compact, and stylish looking, too, it’s a tool that takes away the fussing and fiddling, so the only thing you have to do is relax…

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4. Winc Membership

Whether a casual wine drinker or an aspiring Sommalier, a subscription to Winc is sure to be appreciated. A grape- er, great way to broaden your palate, Winc grants access to a constantly evolving selection of wines designed to appeal to each individual member. You don’t need to be terribly knowledgeable about wine in order to appreciate a good one, and by incorporating your feedback, Wincs recommendations just get better…

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5. Wine Cork States

With over 50 states available these wine cork holders are the perfect way to rep your state. Whether you love Napa wine or just want your state this is a unique way to show off a wine cork collection.

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6. Initial Bottle Stopper

These custom wine stoppers make the perfect gift for wine drinkers with letter form A to Z. Great for getting someone’s initials so that they can preserve their wine in style.

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7. Wine Charm Necklace

Wine drinkers will love showing their favorite drink on their neck with this unique wine charm necklace. It’s design make it look like a glass of wine is being poured with its chain that leads to a heart in a wine glass.

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8. LOL OMG WTF Wine Glass

The LOL OMG WTF wine glass has you covered for any mood you’re feeling. Whether you’re having just a little bit of wine for a LOL or a heavy pour after a WTF day at work this hilarious wine glass will give any wine lover a laugh.

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9. Ullo Wine Purifier with Hand Blown Decanter

Remove sulfites and sediment from your bottled wine by aerating wine in the Ullo wine purifier.. The Ullo wine purifier is designed to filter out all of the sediment and unneeded chemicals that sit in a bottle of wine. Any wine lover will love this high quality aerator that will bring out the best of their wine.

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10. Metal Wine Rack

Every house could use a fully loaded wine shelf. This metal wine rack is an elegant and modern storage solution for wine bottles. A perfect gift for new homeowners or just a wine lover.

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11. Etched Skyline Wine Glass

These etched skyline wine glasses make a great gift for the the wine lover in your life who lives in a major city. From Washington DC to St Louis these custom wine glasses come with a wide range of popular cities etched on them.

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12. Wine-Infused Salts

Add a bit of wine flavor to just about any dish with these wine-infused salts. With Chardonnay, Rose, and Pinot Noir hints these salts are perfect for steak, veggies, or even salads. Set includes: Chardonnay Lemon & Thyme – This delicate gold blend is bright, tart, salty and herbal. A sprinkle transforms egg or caprese salad, goat cheese, and chowder. Ros√© Rosemary – Mellower than the Chardonnay blend, these rose…

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13. Merlot Infused Coffee

Bring a bit of last night to this morning with this merlot infused coffee. This coffee is aged in Merlot wine barrels to add a subtle hint of wine flavor.

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14. OXO Vertical Lever Corkscrew

If your parents or friends are wine connoisseurs, or simply enjoy a bottle of vino with dinner, if that’s the case you can get them the OXO Vertical Lever Corkscrew along with their favorite bottle of merlot. This highly reviewed corkscrew won’t disappoint any wine lover.

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16. Rosé Pool Float

What’s better than a little poolside wine time? Floating IN the pool ON a wine bottle whilst you buoyantly sip your favorite vino. This funny pool float is for the total cork dorks who don’t want to just drink the wine but unashamedly flaunt their passion for the ultimate spirit. It even has a holder for your glass so that you can bask in utter delight. Allowing time to truly…

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17. Bottle of Wine Pool Float

Luxury and fun design are the hallmarks which set apart this swimming pool float from the competition. Designed to resemble a bottle of wine, the raft-like float is certain to offer you day-long comfort and fun. As with other Coconut Float’s products, the 7.5 ft float is made from top-grade vinyl and exceeds stringent industry standards in terms of safety and durability. You can deflate it courtesy of a large…

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18. Cabernet Wine Bottle Hidden Umbrella

Bring a bit of sunshine to a rainy day with this cabernet wine bottle that contains a hidden umbrella. This clever disguise for an umbrella is sure to throw people for a spin when you pull a wine bottle out of your purse or backpack during a rainstorm.

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19. Monogram Cork Holder

What wino doesn’t love showing off their cork collection. Hang this monogram cork holder on the wall or just sit it on a table to show off your collection of finished wine bottles. Makes a great gift for wine loves with its metal and painted with a glossy black finish design.

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20. Unicork – Unicorn Bottle Opener & Corkscrew

As both a functional and decorative item, the Unicork makes for an excellent gift to anyone who enjoys unicorn novelties. This beer and wine bottle opener combination is unlike anything else available. While other comparable unicorn corkscrews often break with use, the Unicork is durable metal and the corkscrew horn is screwed into place with an extremely strong metal adhesive. With the mighty force of its unbreakable golden horn and…

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21. Outdoor Wine Glass Holder

There really is nothing better than sipping wine out of a nice glass, but when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, the fragility of your favorite wine glass can become a huge issue! It’s tough to keep the glass safe, and balanced, while still having it just an arms reach away. That’s where the Outdoor Wine Glass Holder from Bella D’Vine comes in. It is the perfect little outdoor accessory to…

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22. Stemless Aerating Wine Glasses

Wine drinkers rejoiced when the stemless tulip glass become the modern vessel for consuming your favorite red wine, but now Chevalier has gone a step further. This Stemless Aerating Wine Glass does the tough work for you. Simply fill up this glass with your finest red or white wine and the aerating action will ensure an open, smooth, and flavorful sip. Elegant, convenient and practical. A perfect gift for the…

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23. Wine Condoms

Recorking wine is always annoying, especially using all of those weird specialized gadgets. Use the century old method of condoms for your wine! These miniature Wine Condoms are perfect for preserving your wine after a heavy night of drinking.

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24. Life Milestones Wine

It’s summer time, so that means it’s also wedding season. Keep a set of these handmade wedding-ready wine labels on hand and you’ll never have to settle for some crappy last minute bridal shower gift again. Both the bride and groom are guaranteed to love this gift – the bride will now have a set of romantic physical milestones, and the groom will have a set of critical reminders.

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26. Jumbo Wine Glass

Need to finish a bottle of wine without your friends noticing you have a problem? Well the jumbo wine glass holds an entire bottle of wine in one glass.

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27. Combination Wine Bottle Lock

Sick of people getting into your liquor, or just don’t want to be able to access more wine if you’re too drunk? Well finally they make a combination lock for bottles. Add a combination bottle lock to any wine bottle to keep your fancy aged bottles untouched. Product Description The tamper evident Bottle Lock is the perfect solution to securing your fine wines, liquors and other beverages from those who…

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We hope our collection of wine gifts has helped you in your gift buying adventure. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, these cool wine gifts are sure to impress even the most discerning of wine lovers. From quirky wine holders to personalized wine bottle stoppers, there’s something for everyone in our collection.

Still looking for wine gift ideas? just pick them up a bottle of wine or check out more drinking accessories.




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