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Yoda gifts you will find. This collection of Yoda stuff is sure to impress any Star Wars fan. From baby Yoda to old school Yoda in the woods, he is a beloved character by many fans.

1. Baby Yoda Night Light

Brighten up your child’s room with this adorable Mandalorian themed night light! This soft, squishy relaxation aid can be powered via USB or battery, so The Child can help your child get to sleep even when they’re not at home! And with low and high brightness options, you can find just the right balance to keep them from feeling afraid of the dark as they drift into sweet dreams of…

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2. Animatronic Baby Yoda

If you’re looking to bring the of The Mandalorian’s most adorable character into someone’s home, this is the way. This unbearably cute animatronic version of The Child (Baby Yoda) features a moving head, moving ears, eyes that open and close, and will happily coo and giggle when you pat his little head! And it that wasn’t cute enough, he can also close his eyes, raise his little hand, and use…

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3. Baby Yoda Plush Doll

With the massive success of baby Yoda there is a need for official Star Wars Merch. Well it’s finally here (sort of) coming in May you’ll be able to get your very own official baby Yoda plush doll.

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4. Baby Yoda Doll

Everyone loves Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian on Disney+. While there isn’t any official Baby Yoda swag yet you can get the next best thing with his homemade Baby Yoda doll.

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5. LEGO Star Wars Yoda’s Starfighter

Add this amazing building kit to your boy’s Star Wars collection and watch him take his adventure to a whole new level. The kit comes with a small Yoda figure, foldable parts of a spaceship, extra ammo, R2-D2 figure, and Yoda’s lightsaber. It is an excellent gift to surprise an 8-year-old on their birthday (or even an adult!).

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6. Yoda Bookend

May the force be with you with these epic Yoda bookends that any Star Wars fan will love. Make your bookshelf look like Yoda is using the force to hold up your collection of books.

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7. Star Wars Socks

Show your office the power of the dark side with these Star Wars themed socks. These officially licensed socks come in all of your favorite characters including R2D2, Darth Vader, Yoda, Stormtroopers, and Boba Fett. These will surely impress all of your friends at the next Star Wars premier. May the force be with you on lazy Sunday!

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8. Star Wars Cookie Cutter Molds

Show off your true nerd when you bake cookies for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Everyone likes cookies, but everyone LOVES Star Wars cookies. Can your oven even handle the awesomeness? There is only one way to find out.

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9. Yoda Hooded Sweatshirt

Quite an awesome sweatshirt this is, with it’s Yoda look any nerd will love this jacket. Add this Yoda hooded sweatshirt collection along side of your reversible Chewbacca jacket and you’ll almost have the entire Star Wars galaxy in your closet. Handmade and from Etsy you know this product will be unique and no one will have anything like it, so yes Jedi go train with your hood up and…

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