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Looking for a bacon novelty gift for the man in your life? Well you’ve come to the right place. Why limit bacon to just breakfast when you can have bacon everyday all day. From funny bacon bandaids to useful cooking tools there is sure to be something for the meat lover in your life.


1. Bacon & Eggs Cuff Links

Want to spice up your gentleman’s formal attire? These bacon and eggs cufflinks are ideal for the dapper gentleman who enjoys his breakfast meats. He can show off his love for bacon while also adding a playful touch to his outfit. It’s the ideal present for the discerning pork eater in your life.

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2. Bacon Flavored Potato Vodka

Looking to add some sizzle to your next party? Look no further than Bacon Flavored Potato Vodka! This one-of-a-kind liquor combines the smoothness of premium vodka with the mouth-watering flavor of crispy bacon. The result? A drink so delicious you’ll be saying “more please!” Plus, it’s the perfect addition to your brunch-time Bloody Mary. So go ahead and add a splash of bacon to your drink—your taste buds will thank you!

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3. Bacon Clothesline

If bacon is your vice this bacon clothesline will make the perfect addition to your kitchen. Designed to get the grease off your bacon this handy gadget holds your bacon up using metal clips. It also comes with a metal dipping cup for those who want to dunk their bacon.

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4. Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill

So here you are, 8AM, ravenous. Do you really want to spend the little time you have to yourself in the morning frying up bacon and splashing grease everywhere? It’s 2017, there has to be an alternative means to cooking one of nature’s best inventions. Perhaps a Bacon Express Crispy Bacon Grill is your Deus ex Machina. Grill up some of the crispiest bacon you’ve ever sunk your teeth into…

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5. Bacon Lanyard

Ever dreamed of slinging some hot juicy bacon around your neck? Maybe you have actually gone through with this dream and actually done it. Regardless of your experience with bacon and wearing it, we are here to provide you with a safe, non-greasy option to feel one with your favorite breakfast delicacy. Impress your friends and co-workers. Who wants to wear a silly branded lanyard? Why market someone else’s product…

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6. Pig Bacon Grill Press

Make your bacon in style with this incredible pig grill press. No one has time to wait for bacon and this will easily cook your bacon quicker and more evenly.

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7. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Why the hell would you hit up a fast food restaurant in the morning when you can make a beautifully fluffy and delicious sandwich in your own home? Do you have a beautiful person living in your home? FANTASTIC. This bad ass device can create two sandwiches for the price of one. Slap up some eggs and your favorite meats and enjoy a relaxing morning of flavorful execution.

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8. Bacon Bowl

Why eat out of a bowl you have to clean afterwards? Be resourceful and economic by eating the bowl your food is served in. A revolution in breakfast science. A breakthrough in all that is bacon. Buy this or you are an idiot.

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9. Make Your Own Bacon Kit

Why buy the crappy store bought stuff when you can make it yourself? It is a general rule of thumb that bacon is amazing, so imagine how good it would be if it were cured, slow cooked, and glazed? As a matter of fact, I don’t even know why I am writing this and I don’t know why you are reading this… we have some bacon to make.

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10. Bacon Strip Bandages

Even while injured it’s good to be relieved by a strip of bacon, luckily Bacon Bandaids exist! Sadly these lack the real smell of bacon but you can always make bacon while wearing these!

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Thanks for checking out our bacon gift collection! Whether you’re looking to add a little sizzle to your breakfast or baconify your entire life, we’ve got you covered with our unique selection of bacon-inspired gifts. From kitchen tools to quirky novelties, our collection is sure to bring a smile to any bacon lover’s face. So go ahead and indulge in some porky goodness – because with these gifts, there’s no such thing as too much bacon!


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