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Upgrade your keychain with this collection of cool keychains for your EDC. Whether it’s a portable bottle opener or screwdriver for your keychain these keychain accessories all will make great additions to your keychain.

1. RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight

Light up the dark with the RovyVon Aurora A8 Flashlight – a pocket-sized powerhouse! With a new Lock mode, say goodbye to accidental turn-ons. Need light in a flash? Just long-press for a 650-lumen beam. It’s magnetic, too, so stick it anywhere metal for hands-free brilliance. Plus, with 10 modes, this little light is ready for anything. And don’t sweat the power – it’s USB-C rechargeable. Bright, versatile, and ready…

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2. KeySmart Key Holder & Organizer

No more jingling pockets and fumbling around in search of the right key. The KeySmart Key Holder & Organizer is here to make your life easier when you’re on the go. This compact device can conveniently hold up to 12 standard-sized keys, making it the perfect addition to your keychain. With its sleek design and lightweight feel, you can effortlessly attach it to your key fob and get on your…

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3. Jurassic Croc Multi-Tool

Give your keychain a Jurassic touch with this prehistoric croc multi-tool. Made of titanium the multi-tool features a jurassic skull design with a bottle opener, multi tool, pry bar, and screw driver.

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4. Star Trek Klingon Bat’leth Multitool

Glory to you and your house projects! This neat little multitool comes in the shape of the iconic Klingon weapon from Star Trek: The Next Generation (and others), allowing you to drive screws, tighten bolts, and open bottles and more like a warrior. With your trusty bat’leth in your pocket, victory is assured! Qapla’!

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6. Apple AirTag

Find just about anything with the Apple AirTag. These handy little gadgets can fit on a keychain, in luggage, on your dog, and so much more. Designed to help you find lost items the Apple AirTag uses iPhone’s massive network to track lost items. Even if an item is just lost in your home the Find My app can help you exactly pinpoint its location.

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7. Mini Butcher Cleaver

Any carnivore will enjoy carrying this mini butcher cleaver on their keychain. These hand made tiny butcher knives feature a wooden handle, leather sheath, and keychain ring.

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8. Sword House Key

Your home is your castle, and with these clever sword-shaped keys, you can protect it like a knight! And knights stab doorknobs with swords.

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10. Gerber 7-in-1 Shard Keychain Tool

If you always need a flat head screwdriver, or even a pry bar the Gerber Shard will make a great addition to your keychain. With 7 different tools in this compact device it’ll give your EDC quite the upgrade. Includes a small flat driver, medium flat driver, cross driver, pry bar, and additional tools This compact 2.75 inch tool is lightweight enough to fit on your keychain The Shard is…

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11. Fine Edge Gerber Keychain Knife

Sometimes you need a tiny blade on your keychain for cutting open boxes or even rope. It’s always useful to have a fine edge on you and the Gerber Key Note will make a great addition to any keychain. Just don’t forget to remove it if you’re going to the airport with your keys! Throw it in your pocket or on your keys and forget it; with it’s compact design,…

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12. HUNT22 Tiny UV Flashlight

Introducing HUNT22 – the world’s smallest & toughest Titanium UV flashlight. Hook it onto your keyring and explore the hidden world with this incredible, lightweight UV flashlight. This is the coolest EDC gadget you must have.

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13. Chug N’ Plug: Shotgunning Beer Tool

Chug a beer like a pro when you have the Chug n’ Plug Beer Chugging Keychain. Securing and fastening into place, this drinking device gives you a safer way to consume (and chug) your beer while shotgunning. Complete with an angled edge, the Chug n’ Plug pushes through the side of a beer can with ease. Once in place, you can put your mouth to the opening, crack open the…

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14. Bird Key Ring

This simple bird-shaped key ring keeps your keys in order and looks great doin’ it. Share a subtle flash of personality with its perfect combination of sleek and cute design. The perfect accessory for fashion-lovers!

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15. EverRatchet: Ratchet Keychain Tool

It’s always handy to have a ratchet in your pocket. The EverRatchet keeps you well equipped; with its 1/4″ ratchet, fire flint, scraper, 7 wrenches, bottle & box opener and more all in one tool. Perfect for throwing on your keychain and being prepared for any situation that comes your way. Stainless Steel and Titanium versions are available, additionally, a Flint2Go fire flint and #2 Phillips Bit are included.

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16. Keychain iPhone Charger

It’s always a pain to have a low battery on your iPhone, especially in case of an emergency. This keychain lightning charger comes with a plug so you’ll be able to charge anywhere with an outlet. Great for the traveller on the go who always needs their phone.

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17. MagKey: Quiet Smart Magnetic Key Organizer

Tired of noisy keys? well the MagKey is here to save the day! With it’s clever magnetic design your keys won’t cling together anymore. Install in seconds by simply applying the MagKey peel and stick pads to each key and you’ll have instantly connectable keys.


18. Key Ring Multi-Tool Scissors

What’s compact, sleek, durable, effective, and essential? These Key Ring Multi-Tool Scissors. Contained in this little package of metal is a bottle opener, large and medium screwdrivers, straight and serrated cutting edges. A great gift for the regular camper or hands on individual. It’s modestly priced and made from high grade stainless steel. It can cut through just about anything and is ready to get to work for you! Pick…


19. Keychain Sriracha Bottle

Are you a Sriracha lover? Well, this keychain Sriracha bottle is right up your alley! You don’t have to worry about Sriracha-less meals anymore! This little bottle is easily refillable and reusable with the flip top, leak proof cap. As soon as you order it, you’ll get an empty bottle ready to be filled with your favorite sauce! Wait no more and enjoy every meal with some spice!

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20. Pixel Keychain Light

We all may have flashlights on our phones nowadays but the convenience of having a light on your keychain. With 25 lumens the Pixel keychain LED light is sure to light any dark alley you find. Plus with its tiny construction you’re sure to not even notice it on your keychain.

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21. Keychain Breathalyzer

So many people these days think they’re good to drive after a night of drinking. A DUI or hurting someone is not fun! Be sure to test yourself before you hit the road with this keychain breathalyzer. DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK!

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22. Chemically Illuminated Keychain

This fantastic device is technically a: Titanium Alloy Tritium Gas Fluorescence Key Chain Auto luminescence Rescue Emergency Light. This title seems excessive, much like the length of time this baby will last with no external energy source: 25 years. Yeah, you will have a handy night light that will sustain its own existence for 25 years. A great item to keep handy for dark nights and early mornings. Unique about this particular…

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23. Binary Love Keyring

Afraid to say ‘I love you’ to that special person? Do it in code and ensure that they will have no clue what you are actually saying. Or send it to that special nerd in your life that will appreciate your creative intellect. Made from pewter!

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24. Easy Open Key Ring

Everyone hates taking keys off their keyring, well this horrible problem has finally been fixed with the FreeKey system. Just attach all of your keys to this keyring and you’ll be swapping out keys with ease. Dad needs keys to the truck? swosh you got it off in no time. Wife needs keys to the shed? DONE. Girlfriend needs keys to the handcuffs on her? boom tell her it’s too…

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We hope these keychain accessories were OFF the chain! well, not really we hope they are ON your keychain now. If you are looking for more neat products check out our collection of cool tech and cool knives.

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