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Addicted to fidgeting? Here are some of the best fidget toys to spin, press, and just keep your hands occupied with.

1. Speks Fidget Sphere Toy

Tackle boredom head-on with the Speks geode sphere fidget toy! This isn’t just any sphere; it’s a 3D puzzle waiting for your touch. Snap together its 12 pentagon pieces to create a satisfying sphere, then break it apart and start all over again. With a rainbow of colors to choose from, it’s the perfect desk buddy to stack, shake, and shuffle your way through any dull moment!

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2. Mechanical Keyboard Clicky Fidget

Elevate your fidgeting game with the mechanical keyboard clicky fidget. Perfect for those who love the tactile and auditory pleasure of a mechanical keyboard’s click, this fidget device is available in various vibrant colors. Whether you’re a gamer, a typist, or just someone who enjoys the sensation, this fidget tool promises endless hours of satisfying clicks, mimicking the feel of pressing a mechanical key. Great for stress relief, focus, or…

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3. Kinetic Reference Ring

Tame your restless digits with a Kinetic Reference Ring! This sleek fidget toy, crafted from aluminum and stainless steel, fits fingers of all sizes, young and old. Spin it, twirl it, and let your fingers dance their way to calm, all while looking effortlessly stylish.

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4. Kinetic Spring Toy

Captivate onlookers with the endlessly fascinating Kinetic Spring Toy! This captivating plaything is part kinetic sculpture, part toy, and a whole lot of fun. Watch as it effortlessly springs to life, providing hours of amusement for both kids and adults alike. With its compact design and accompanying pouch, this mesmerizing toy is perfect for on-the-go entertainment, ensuring you’re never without a captivating distraction. Unleash your inner child and dive into…

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5. Tiny Spincast Fidget Novelty Reel

Keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed with this handy little fishing reel! Perfect for fidgety folks, this twenty-inch rod comes with a pre-spooled 3lb line and can even be retracted down to 14.5 inches for easy storage. So go ahead and cast your worries away!

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6. Picking Stone: Anxiety Relief Fidget Toy

A Picking Stone is great for dermatillomania fidget relief by providing a similar sensation to picking at skin. It’s also effective for reducing anxiety, improving focus, and quitting bad habits. It is suitable for all ages, but children should use it under adult supervision due to its sharp edges.

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7. Skin Picking Fidget Toy

With the help of our unique skin-picking fidget toy, stop touching your hair and nails! This tactile toy, which comes in a rainbow of colors, will occupy fidgety hands for hours while helping to break bad habits.

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8. ZenPod: Fidget Spinner AirPods Case

Leather is cool. Technology is cool. Spinning things around is cool. But combining all three? That’s amazing. That’s how you get The Matrix, and that’s how you get the ZenPod AirPods case, a stylish impact-resistant sleeve that works with Apple’s wireless charging case- that spins!

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9. Mezmotop™- Timeless Spinning top

A spinning top that looks like a falling water drop frozen in time. With the special desktop stand which also serves as a spinning base, the top is presented as a timeless desk sculpture while standing still. Due to its unique shape and low gravity center mezmoTop™ brings truly amusing and surprisingly stable spinning characteristics. Precision machined out of solid block of Stainless Steel or Titanium it is a timeless…

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12. Spinning Kinetic Desk Toy

The desk toy of the future is here today! Genius. Hypnotic. Mesmerizing…’s Vortecon! Its flowing-helix technology creates a mind-bending illusion for your eyes to feast on. Be the master of perpetual motion with a single flick of the fingertip, and let it stimulate the creative corpuscle of your brain and sooth stress! Spin it on any flat surface. Its rotating base has steel bearings that allow it to work…

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13. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Idle hands are the devil’s plaything —are they not?  Well here’s something awesome to keep them occupied… Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is the perfect gadget to keep your hands and mind distracted. I mean, we all get a tad antsy at times and need something to fiddle with, right? Whether you’re on a road trip, in a waiting room, or brainstorming this pocket-sized  device will keep you from cracking. No more nail-biting,…

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14. iPhone Fidget Spinner Case

Protect your phone and calm your nerves at the same time! Built for iPhone 6 and 7 models, this case cover comes with a sweet fidget spinner on the back. It’s perfect for protective iPhone owners who get a bit antsy at times ;) It’s sleek, thin, and durable —even with the awesome fidget spinner on it. You’ll have no problem fitting it in your pocket or quickly whipping it…

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15. Fidgety Controller

Long car trips, airplane rides, and waiting rooms will do it every time!  When people are forced to sit still for lengths of time they bug out! Adults bite their nails. Exhibit restless leg syndrome…or chew their bottom lip! And kids? They start whining or hitting each other! Going stir crazy sucks! Thankfully we’ve got a remedy! The fidgety controller is the perfect device to quell your tendency to tweak! It…

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16. Bottle Opener Fidget Spinner

Finally a way to fidget and drink a few brews. This fidget spinner bottle opener will be able to crack beers on the fly while allowing you to spin to your heart’s desire. With 3 sides you’ll be the life of the party popping everyone’s brews!


17. Fidget Toy Hand Spinner

We have been finding these fidget gadgets to be quite popular, as people are find alternative ways to reduce their stress, anxiety, and to keep themselves productive during the day. D-Joy has come out with a device that you can grasp in your hand and spin with your fingers: Fidget Toy Hand Spinner! The high quality bearings make for a smooth and rapid spin. Similar to the Fidget Cube, this will…

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18. Fidget Cube

This practical little gadget, which has received a lot of good publicity over the past few months, is the perfect desktop accessory. Do you find yourself twiddling your thumbs or getting easily distracted? Do you need that tactile feel to stay focused during a rough day? Maybe you suffer from ADHD and need this little tool to focus you? This wonderful little Fidget Cube fits perfectly in your pocket to…

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