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This collection of cool dog products will make you shout “shut up and take my money”. From unique water bowls to gadgets these are some of the best gifts for dogs & dog lovers. From costumes to watering bowls there is something here for every pup. 🐕

1. Doggy Candles

Light up your room and your mood with these utterly adorable Doggy Candles. Crafted with an eye for detail, they come in three charming shades, each with its own delightful scent. They’re more than just candles; they’re a fusion of art and aroma that adds a touch of whimsy to any space. Perfect for dog lovers and anyone looking to sprinkle a little joy and fragrance into their home.

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2. Handmade Dog Poncho

Turn your pup into the life of the paw-ty with these vibrant, handmade Mexican dog ponchos! Perfect for pooches of all sizes, from xx-small to xx-large, each poncho is a burst of color and festivity. Not only will your furry amigo be the most stylish doggo on the block, but they’ll also be wagging in comfort and joy. These ponchos are more than just attire; they’re a celebration of fun…

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3. Cave Calming Dog Bed

Create a cozy sanctuary for your furry friend with the Cave Calming Dog Bed. This ingenious dog bed is designed to provide your canine companion with the ultimate sense of security and comfort. With its enveloping design, available in four stylish color options, and offered in three sizes, you can find the perfect fit for your pup. Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to relaxation with this luxurious dog bed.…

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4. Friends Couch Dog Bed

Your furry friend can now nap in style on this Friends couch dog bed, designed after the iconic Central Perk sofa! As comfy as it is charming, this plush cotton bed provides your dog with a cozy spot to relax while showcasing your love for the classic sitcom. Whether they’re chasing balls in their dreams or enjoying a lazy afternoon, this homage to Friends ensures your pet does it in…

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5. Dog Overalls

Dress up your furry friend with the latest in doggy fashion – overalls! Perfect for smaller dogs weighing under 40 lbs, these stylish overalls are sure to turn heads at the dog park. And don’t worry about spills or accidents – they’re machine washable for easy cleanup.

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6. Personalized Dog Name Necklace

Show off your furry friend’s name in style with our personalized dog name necklace. This isn’t your ordinary locket, it’s a sleek, minimalist necklace that features a small line-drawing of your pup’s breed along with their name on a chic little disc. Choose from silver, gold, or rose gold finishes to match your style and your pup’s personality. It’s the perfect accessory for any dog owner who wants to wear…

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7. Did You Feed the Dog Device

The Did You Feed the Dog Device is the perfect solution for keeping track of your furry friend’s feeding schedule. With its strong adhesive mounting squares and light plastic design, it’s easy to stick it to any surface in your home. No more wondering if your dog has been fed; this clever and simple device ensures that Fido won’t be fed twice. Save time and avoid overfeeding your pet with…

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8. Personalized Dog Hawaiian Shirt

What dog wouldn’t love their face plastered all over their owners shirt and what dog owner wouldn’t want it! These personalized dog Hawaiian shirts are the perfect way to highlight your furry friend. Whether it’s for a dog owner you know as a gift or for yourself this shirt is sure to turn heads.

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10. Personalized Dog Sweatshirt

What better way to show the world your love for your dog than a personalized dog sweatshirt. Just select your dog’s breed and their name and you’ll have a personalized sweatshirt with a hand illustrated photo with your dog’s name on it.

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11. Tiny Doggy Snuggle Sofa

What tiny dog do you know that wouldn’t love snuggling up on this tiny couch. Your furry friend will love being part of the family on this ultra plush dog bed designed to hold pets up to 10 pounds.

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12. Dog Poetry Book

What goes on in the mind of man’s best friend? And could ruff prose do it justice? Of course not. If you’ve ever looked into the big, sparkling eyes of a doofy doggo, you’ve looked into the eyes of a poet! I Could Chew On This is full of funny, sweet poems all written from the perspective of your playful pupper pal. Don’t feel left out, cat lovers! Author Francesco…

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13. White Paw Plush Toy For Dogs

Your dog has had a tough day we all know it. So why not let them kick back and enjoy their own White Paw. Of course these are a reference to White Claw hard seltzers but there is nothing to drink for them here just a fun plush toy for them to throw around.

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14. Personalized Dog Bowl

Whether it’s Spike, Darby, or Rook you’ll be able to get your dog’s name on this personalized dog bowl. This handmade bowl made on a pottery wheel is speckled with brownstone clay for a rustic look.

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15. Foldable Dog Pool

For baths and fun

Everyone knows their dog loves playing in water or might just need a bath. This foldable dog pool is perfect for playtime and bathtime, best of all it’s collapsable to easily store while not in use. Just make sure to get the right size depending on the size of your dog.

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16. Star Trek Uniform Dog Collar

These adorable dog collars perfect for when you’re boldly going on walkies with your Porthos or Number 1! After all, when you’re headed where no man has gone before, you’ll want to bring man’s best friend.

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17. No Spill Dog Travel Bowl

Don’t leave your pooch thirsty on long road trips anymore with this no spill dog travel bowl! Finally an easy way to keep your dog happy in the back seat with some foot or water. Best of all it’s made out of food-grade silicone that is dishwasher safe.

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18. Dog Fence Window

Let your pup see the world with this dog fence window! Your dog won’t be going nuts when people walk by since they’ll be able to see out. This is a great addition to anyone’s home with a wooden fence.

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19. Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards

Gotta catch em all! Add your pet to the Pokemon roster with this personalized pet Pokemon card. Each homemade card includes special moves for your pet, a custom portrait, and even attack moves.

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20. Sleeping Bag for Dogs

Give your dog the bed they deserve while camping with the Ruffwear sleeping bag for dog. This lightweight sleeping bag is a no brainer if you bring your pup camping, especially to keep your dog warm in colder climates.

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21. Sherpa Moccasin Pet Bed

Whether you have a cat or a dog they’ll love lounging in this oversized moccasin pet bed. Your pet will love to take a nap in this pet bed that is made in the USA.

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22. Personalized Pet Portrait Watercolor

Artist Made Watercolor Painting

Give the gift every pet lover will die for, these custom pet portraits are made by hand with watercolor. Whether you have a dog, cat or even llama any pet can immortalized in a watercolor portrait.  Custom handmade watercolor painting of your pet. Dogs, cats, birds, all pets welcome! Paintings with multiple pets available. Painting comes in several sizes

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23. Capsule Pet Travel Backpack

Cruise around with your cat or pup in this breathable backpack with clear back so your pet can travel with ease. Great for taking your pet to the airport or even taking your animal to the vet.

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24. Hot Dog Pet Bed

Make your little hot dog a comfy boy with this hot dog bed. Mustard not included! You dog or cat will love lounging in this hot dog bun with padding on both sides. Additionally the cushion is removable and washable.

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25. Unicorn Dog Costume

Give your furry friend the power of a Unicorn with this magical unicorn dog costume. Exactly what your little pup needs while running around the house. Plus it’s small enough to fit a cat as well.

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26. There’s Like a Bunch of Dogs in Here Doormat

If your household is full of pups let the world know this this doormat. This doormat with the printed phrase “there’s, like, a bunch of dogs in here” is sure to give any guest a laugh while they get a slobbery kiss from a pupper. 11/10 would recommend.

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27. BarkBox: Monthly Dog Toys & Treats

Give your dog a treat every month with BarkBox! It is the ideal gift for anyone who loves their dog. Every BarkBox comes with at least 2 toys, 2 treats, and a chew all with a monthly theme. Plus best of all if you’re pup doesn’t love their new toy you can return it for a new one from Bark.

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28. Pug Planter

May the power of the pug be with you, pug-ify your living room with this amazingly cute pug planter. Fantastic for displaying your succulent plant in style. Just make sure to pick up some plants to fill it with.

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29. Personalized American Dog Portrait

Give your dog a presidential portrait that would even make Bark Obama proud. This custom pup portrait is sure to make your dog feel like a winner in your heart. Just snap a photo of your pup and Purrsonal Portraits will cut it out and create a custom framed photo for you.

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30. Panda Costume for Dogs

Who said dogs can’t be pandas? Certainly not us ;) So let the cuteness begin. It’s time to trade in their bone for a stick of bamboo, and make your best friend look adorable as sin. Whether its for Halloween or simply to get laughs and melt hearts, this panda puppy costume is like catnip for dog owners. They’ll absolutely friggin’ love it! But “ bear “ in mind there…

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31. #WeRateDogs Book

Everyone’s favorite doggo filled twitter account is now in book form! If you aren’t familiar with WeRateDogs they rate pups from all over the world, many receiving a 12/10 due to cuteness. With WeRateDogs containing over 3 million followers; its author Matt Nelson is sure to wow with one h*ck of a book. Matt‘s book is perfect for any dog lover or even a friend who enjoys witty descriptions!

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32. Dog Water Fountain

Looking for a way to provide your furry friend an easy way to access fresh water at the push of a paw? This Dog Water Fountain is the perfect addition to any backyard or patio to ensure your buddy stays hydrated during the warm months. It is design with a dogs instincts in mind and is easily learned by any friendly pet. Just tap a paw on the base of…


33. Water Bottle for Dog

Who loves going on hikes and trips with their pup, but find it cumbersome to bring a dish with them so their dog can stay hydrated? This Gulpy Water Dispenser is a 2 in 1 water bottle and dish so your dog can stay happy and hydrated while enjoying a beautiful day out. Designed for perfect traveling, this bottle will fit just about anywhere your normal water bottle would fit…

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34. Dog Selfie Attachment

Getting your pooch to look at the camera for a selfie can be hard, well now harness the power of a tennis ball to keep your dog engaged. This Dog Selfie smartphone attachment will work on just about any phone so you’ll never be without a great selfie.

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35. Dog Ewok Costume

Turn your furry friend into an Ewok from Star Wars with this costume. Perfect for the Battle of Endor at the end of Halloween.

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36. Pug Mask

Whoa is that a chill dog in your house? oh no? just a friend wearing this pug mask. Wear it to the office, school, or even the dog park, this mask is good for any situation where you want to bring out a laugh. Plus it’s a nice alternative to the cliche horse head mask.

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37. Doge Mask

Wow such excite! This doge mask will bring much joy to all parties. The perfect mask to engage in long stares to the woman of your dreams in the local coffee shop. You won’t even need to break out the doge coin wallet to buy this mask.


38. Pug Mug

Love your pug? well then there’s no better way to show appreciation for your pug than by sipping morning coffee out of a square pug themed coffee mug. Your dog may be jealous at first but after a few morning coffee brews they’ll realize it’s an extreme form of flattery.

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39. Dog Couch

You enjoy lounging on a lazy Sunday watching football from your couch, right? What makes you think your dog doesn’t want the same experience? Sure, you could argue that your dog is allowed on your couch, but having your OWN couch is a truly enriching experience. Stop being cheap and grace your beautiful creature with his or her own lounging pad.

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40. Red Furarri Dog Bed

Give your pet some respect and make him or her the talk of the neighbor hood with this Red Furarri Dog Bed. Never have we seen such a high quality sleeping space for a beloved pet. Just be careful as it is quite likely your dog will be bringing back some bros and hos once they get comfortable in this slick ride.

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41. Chihuahua T-Shirt

Aye chihuahua! What an adorable shirt; manly too. Look like the small, yappy dog you are with this beautiful garment. You have always wanted to look like your pet and this surely is your best opportunity.

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42. Chihuahua Taco Holder

Yo quiero taco doge. These adorable chihuahua taco holders can hold 3 of your favorite tacos and do so with style and flare. A great gift for anyone who does a weekly taco night and sure to inspire those who don’t realize the glory of taco night. #TacoTuesday4Ever

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43. Dog Business Ties

If you’re taking the dog to the office you might as well make sure he looks dashing. With these business ties for dogs your pup will look professional in the office. Just make sure your dog doesn’t get a raise before you do because looking this good it will be impossible for him not to.

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We hope our list of cool dog gifts will make your pup happy! From toys to gadgets there is something here for dogs and their owners.

What do you get a dog that has everything?

No matter how much stuff your dog has they can always enjoy more. Your dog can always use more chew toys after they wear theirs out or a new collar. Let’s be honest all they really want is a walk, treats and you to sit at home with them all day.

How can you surprise your dog?

There are plenty of ways to make your pup happy with a surprise. Getting a pool for them to play in is a great way for them to splash about. You could even play hide n’ seek using treats to give them a real challenge.

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