Smart Modular Lunchbox

Prep and transport your lunch easily with this modular smart lunchbox.¬†With 1 large and 2 small containers plus chopsticks you have everything you…

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Pencil Slingshot

Add fun to any classroom with this tiny metal pencil slingshot.¬†Just attach it to any pencil and you’ll be launching paper balls around…

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Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

Idle hands are the devil‚Äôs plaything ‚ÄĒare they not?¬† Well here‚Äôs something awesome to keep them occupied‚Ķ Infinity Cube Fidget Toy is the…

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Hands-Free Umbrella

This¬†isn’t¬†your Mary Poppins style umbrella.¬†Nope. This¬†rain device is innovative, and hands-free.¬† No gripping a silly handle and fighting fierce winds. No holding on…

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