Indestructible iPhone Charging Cable

Sick and tired of iPhone charging cables breaking? Well Anker makes some of the best accessories for phones including batteries and charging cables.

The Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable is the perfect accessory for anyone with an iPhone or iPad. Everyone has had lightning cables break on them so this cables 30,000+ bend lifespan is sure to last anyone YEARS. Built with a nylon fiber core it ensures a 30 times longer lifespan than any other cable.

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Apple has finally announced their new flagship iPhone. The iPhone X gives user a massive 5.8 inch screen that goes edge to edge…

Remember everywhere you’ve travelled with this gold scratch off map. Once you’ve visited a new country just grab a coin and scratch off…

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Paws up for these frosted cups, whether you want to enjoy a glass of milk or beer these cute cat themed cups are…

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Guests of your home will crack up at this “Bye Felicia” doormat. Anyone who has seen Friday will remember Ice Cube saying the…

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If you didn’t think your cat’s life was easy enough, well now you can make it even easier with the space saving cat…

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Looking to be the smash hit at this year’s throwback LAN party? Bring in a cake made with this 8-bit cake mold and…

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