Gifts for your Mailman

Gifts to Show Appreciation for your Mail Carrier

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If you’re looking for an acceptable gift for your mailman you’re in the right place. Most people gift their mail delivery person coffee, cookies, and other snacks. If you want a simple gift you can pick up a Starbucks gifts card that is under $20.

You may be asking yourself “can I give my postman a gift?” the answer is yes but it has a few restrictions. As stated by USPS a gift to your postal service worker has to be less than $20 and cannot be cash or cash equivalents.

2. Gerber 7-in-1 Shard Keychain Tool

If you always need a flat head screwdriver, or even a pry bar the Gerber Shard will make a great addition to your keychain. With 7 different tools in this compact device it’ll give your EDC quite the upgrade. Includes a small flat driver, medium flat driver, cross driver, pry bar, and additional tools This compact 2.75 inch tool is lightweight enough to fit on your keychain The Shard is…

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3. Homemade Thai Iced Tea Kit

Love an artisanal drink, but not the coffeeshop prices? Be your own barista with these all-in-one, portable Thai Iced Tea packets. Just add water and you’ll be ready to enjoy this creamy beverage straight from home or on the go!

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4. Zippo Hand Warmer

Tis the season for freezing phalanges! The Zipper Hand Warmer is here for the rescue. Bring it along while hiking, camping, tailgating, or wherever your mittens just won’t cut it.

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5. Smart Tire Pressure Caps

If you have an older car and are never sure when your tire pressure is low these tire pressure caps will give you a heads up. No need for fancy bluetooth or an app these caps simply show if your tire pressure is low using colors on their caps. If they are yellow you know pressure is getting low and you should fill up as soon as you can. A perfect…

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6. Bulletproof Shot Glass

Nothing says manliness like doing bourbon shots from a shot glass with a 9mm handgun round stuck in it. This shot glass is sure to turn heads at any pregame event, it may not actually be bulletproof but it sure does look like it. So go ahead give it a shot and throw back a few shots with this “bulletproof” shot glass.

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7. Shower Beer Koozie

Getting drunk in the shower just got a lot easier. Keep your beer within an arms reach as you clean your smoking hot bod with this beer koozie designed for shower use. If you’re like us then you’re tired of skipping out on showers because your drink can’t follow you there. Problem solved.

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8. Beer Soap

Check out this sweet (and maybe bitter too :D) beer soap from Swag Brewery. With great reviews and several fun selections this will be sure to make the beer snob in your life a happy person! Selection includes: Apricot Wheat, Vanilla Porter, Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Witbeir, Honey Pilsner, and IPA.

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9. Easy Open Key Ring

Everyone hates taking keys off their keyring, well this horrible problem has finally been fixed with the FreeKey system. Just attach all of your keys to this keyring and you’ll be swapping out keys with ease. Dad needs keys to the truck? swosh you got it off in no time. Wife needs keys to the shed? DONE. Girlfriend needs keys to the handcuffs on her? boom tell her it’s too…

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We all know that the postal service works day in and day out to delivery your mail. So we hope these small gifts how your appreciate for your mailman or mailwoman.

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