Cool Pizza Gifts

11 Products Updated on May 28, 2018

Giving a gift card to that pizza lover in your life is so obvious. Take their pizza love to the next level with this collection of hilarious pizza gifts.

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Cool Pizza Gifts // Awesome Stuff to Buy

Let everyone know your child is a slice of the best pie with these matching pizza shirts for father and son. Great for the family who loves pizza and their newly born…

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Give your little kitter friend a delicious slice of pepperoni pizza to wear around the house. Screw Dominos and Pizza Hut when your cat can rock this homemade pepperoni pizza slice on…

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Why bring a slice to the beach when you can bring a whole pizza! Lounge out on this delicious pizza beach blanket. With its pepperoni topping you are sure to show pizza…

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Will you do ANYTHING for pizza? Well now you can show people what you’re really about with this Pizza Slut shirt. Screw coupons codes, you’ll be getting free pizza anytime you like…

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Burn those calories off in style with these athletic pepperoni pizza socks. You’ll know what goals you’re working toward with every step. Or just wear them while you eat a pizza in…


Fantasize about a pizza man showing up in the middle of the night to deliver you a delicious slice of cheese pizza? Well rest easy with this pizza slice night light. It…

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Tired of over priced low quality pizza? The same horrible pizza every mass chain in America seems to provide? Step your pizza game up with this Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza…

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It’s hard not to think of Bagel Bites when describing the portable pizza pouch. Pizza in the morning, Pizza in the evenin’, Pizza at suppertime! Now these dreams can be true without having to lug…

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Ever crawled into bed hoping it was a large greasy pizza from your local pizza place? well now you can get close. These pepperoni pizza bed sheets will keep the nightmares away…