PokeBall Cupcake Pan

What geek wouldn’t love PokeBall cupcakes for their birthday! Well now you can easily make 4 cupcakes that look like PokeBalls with this cupcake pan. Just be sure not to throw them at anyone, well okay if you see a while pikachu you should throw one.

Tips from the back of the packaging:

  • Stabilize pan by placing it on a cookie sheet.
  • Coat baking surfaces and also surfaces around exterior of hole with non-stick cooking spray. This will help remove dough cleanly if batter overflows.
  • Ensure two mold parts are completely sealed before filling.
  • Fill to almost full in order to make batter take up all the space in mold as it bakes.
  • To make dual-colored, fill to almost halfway with white batter and rest of the way with colored batter.
  • Allow cakes to cool completely before removing from pan.
  • Bake according to recipe’s instructions, but keep an eye on it in case you need to adjust.
  • Use yeast recipes for best results.
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