Revenge By Mail PostCards

They say revenge is a dish best served cold…

We say it’s a dish best mailed ;)

See, nothing f*cks with people more than being humiliated. So why not turn your enemy’s mailbox into their worst nightmare…

Revenge By Mail has all kinds of post cards that are sure to embarrass the sh*t out of anyone you wish to f*ck with…

Maybe you want to mess with your best friend. Or screw with an ex. Or maybe your boss or teacher needs to be taken down a peg or two…

From dildo fan clubs to hemorrhoid surgery notifications, we have the most creative post cards around. It’ll turn their faces red, and make their friends question their morality…

Buy one today for the a$$hole in your life you’d like to f*ck with. Just scribble their addy, and let these hilarious postcards do the rest ;)

Why Revenge By Mail Postcards are awesome – 

  • Make the perfect cheap gag gift
  • Are very funny and creative cards
  • Will help you destroy your enemies with no effort
  • You can giggle your a$$ off and never get caught
  • Makes a great Christmas gift for under $20
  • Free shipping on all domestic and International orders
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