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Who doesn’t love a game of chess? This classic game is loved by millions. Here are some of the best gifts for fans of chess.

Concrete Brutalist Chess Set

Fans of Brutalism and chess will just die over this concrete Brutalist chess set. Handmade with 16 natural grey concrete pieces and 16 dark grey pieces plus a 1-inch thick board this has to be one of the most unique chess sets anyone has ever seen.

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Batman Chess Set

Batman fans who love chess will lose their mind over this Batman chess set featuring the Dark Knight vs the Joker. Officially licenced by Warner Bros the set features tons of classic Batman references like Batgirl, Harley Quinn, and more.

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Three Player Chess

2 player chess is for the weak minded, now you can add a 3rd layer of complexity to your chess games with a 3rd player. Perfect for a chess geek or anyone who loves board games!

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Giant Chess Set

Add another dimension to Chess with these giant 25 inches high chess pieces. Great for getting out of the house and playing a game of chess on the lawn.

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Super Mario Chess Set

Ah, the strategic game of chess now with a flair of classic Mario. This Super Mario Chess set is full of color, wonder, and creativity. Perfect for any chess and Nintendo enthusiast.

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