Cool Soap Bars

15 Products Updated on Dec 22, 2020

Give your scrub in style with these cool soap bars. Perfect for a laugh in the shower or tub. With a range of scents you’re sure to find the something here to keep you clean.

1. Bubble Milk Tea Soap

Treat yourself like a tasty drink with this handmade boba-inspired soap! It’s more than just a novelty: these sweet-smelling bars of soap uses natural ingredients like goat’s milk, rose and lavender petals, for a cleansing routine that leaves you feeling as fresh and appealing as your favorite flavor of bubble tea!

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2. Whiskey Soap

The perfect gift for whiskey lovers, this whiskey soap bar is made from Kentucky bourbon for that rich and oaky scent. Made with all-natural ingredients and real whiskey guys will love showering with this unique soap bar.

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3. Hoppy Beer Soap

Beer lovers will love bathing in this hoppy IPA bar of soap. Made in the US with real beer these hoppy beer soap bars offer a fun way to bathe with a grassy, herbal and spicy scent.

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4. Unicorn Soap Bar

Add a bit of magic to bathtime with this unicorn soap bar. Perfect for unicorn lovers or even the kids! This handcrafted soap bar has fruity fragrance.

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5. Galaxy Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are out of this world! This set of 9 galaxy bath bombs has 8 themed as planets from the solar system and one themed as the sun. These solar system bath bombs are the perfect gift for any science enthusiast or teacher.

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6. Tide Pod Bath Bombs

You know how great Tide Pods are at cleaning your clothes (and maybe even breath)! Well now you can get squeaky clean and have a laugh with these Tide Pod bath bombs floating in your tub. With a great scent, skin oil, and skin soothing Epsom salts these pods pack a punch. Note: please do not eat these 🙃

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7. Butt and Face Soap Bar

Never get the sides of your soap mixed up again with this Butt and Face soap bar. Face written on one side and butt written on the other, so this one bar of soap is a perfect addition to the bathroom. It’s also a hilarious gag gift for your friend who’s always mixing up their soap sides.

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8. Waffle Shaped Soap

Let’s face it everyone loves waffles for breakfast. Why not start your morning off right with a soap shaped like waffle. It’s not a sweet treat in the shower it’s just a delicious & soapy stack of waffles with syrup and butter.

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9. Lego Figure Soap Bar

Are your kids lazy when it comes to washing their hands or body? Don’t worry, you are clearly not alone this Lego fight soap bar is sure to make any kid scrub hard to get the Lego minifigure inside! This is the slightly scented with orange blossom soap but you can choose your own fragrance but the best part about it is the Lego figurine at the middle of the soap…

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10. Blood Bath Shower Gel

Ever wash yourself down with the blood of the innocent? No? Neither have we, but we are willing to give it a go. This bag of type O blood will be sure to get you clean and fresh after a night of debauchery. Sure, you could be using those name brand soaps that kind of work, but they don’t really have the same flare as this Blood Bath Shower Gel.

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11. Poop Soap

Why not wash your hands with the beast that you just released from your bowels? Incredibly disgusting, but equally as humorous. Makes a great gag to play on your family and/or friends. How far will you go to disgust those that you love?


12. Nintendo 64 Cartridge Soap

Relive your childhood with these N64 themed soap bars. Everyone loved classics like Mario Kart, Goldeneye (OH YEAH), Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Donkey Kong, well now you can get down and dirty with these games on daily basis in your shower.

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13. Beer Soap

Check out this sweet (and maybe bitter too :D) beer soap from Swag Brewery. With great reviews and several fun selections this will be sure to make the beer snob in your life a happy person! Selection includes: Apricot Wheat, Vanilla Porter, Oatmeal Stout, Belgian Witbeir, Honey Pilsner, and IPA.

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14. Manly Scented Soap

A man smells like manly things, bonfires, urinal mints, bacon, and now these scents have been captured in soaps. With 20 manly scentes there is a soap for every man. All soaps are made for men made by man, so you know you’re all man when you buy one of these. Soap Scents Muscle Rub Bonfire Fresh Cut Grass Cedar Log Cabin Bacon Top Soil Cash Obsession Republican Beer Baseball Glove Margarita…

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15. Stack Infinite Soap Bar

Wish you could combine your old soap bar with your current for an infinite cycle, well now you can with the Stack infinite soap bar. Each soap bar is grooved so you can easily merge your old used soap bar with a brand new bar easily.

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