Friends TV Show Gifts

7 Products Updated on Jan 15, 2021

Who isn’t a fan of the iconic FRIENDS crew in NYC. This sitcom from the 90s has been a fan favorite of many for years. Any fan of the show will love this collection of ‘Friends’ TV show gifts.

1. Friends Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring all your favorite Friends characters to life with this 500-piece puzzle featuring illustrations off the 6 signature Friends and classic minor cast members. Any fan of the show will recognize Gus from Central Perk, Janice and many more characters.

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2. Friends Official Advent Calendar

I’ll be there with youuuu this holiday season! Bring in Christmas with a little bit of Friends with this official Friends advent calendar. Any fan of the show will love opening up this calendar everyday in December to reveal fun Friends themed ornaments and mini cards.

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3. Friends Photo Frame Mug

Bring your friends to a mug with this Friends inspired mug. Perfect for having a cup of joe while looking at a photo of your friends. Just print out a 4.5cm x 6.5cm photo and slide it into the classic Friends “Peephole” frame.

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4. Central Perk Neon Sign

Who doesn’t remember the iconic hang out spot of the Friends gang. Turn any room in your house into the Central Perk coffee shop with this awesome neon sign. Turn your home into Central Perk Feel almost as cool as the FRIENDS friends Suitable for purple painted penthouse apartments and beyond USB powered! Pretend you’re in NYC rather than Basildon

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5. Friends Apartment Floor Plan Print

Relive every second of Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, and Monica with this print of the FRIENDS apartment floor plan. Everyone remembers the back and forth between apartments including that iconic purple door. This print will make a great addition to a FRIENDS super fan’s room.

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6. Friends Peephole Frame Replica

Any fan of the hit TV show Friends would love Joey or Chandler blasting through their door. Well now you can get one step closer by adding one of Friend’s most iconic quirky elements, the yellow frame around your peephole.

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7. Friends (TV Show) Coloring Book

This Friends Coloring Book will certainly ‘be there for you.’ Holy crap, this exists. Who needs a hot dose of nostalgia straight to their sensory systems? Crack open this made to order, hot off the presses coloring book and let your creative juices flow. With portraits of all the cast members and their personalities, you will have not only a book to cherish, but a work of art. **Make sure…

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