Gifts for College Students

15 Products Updated on Oct 24, 2019

Everyone knows how stressful college can be for students. Whether you know someone entering college or already in college they will love these gifts for college students. From “helpful” drinking accessories to more practical gifts like an Alexa you’re sure to find something here to fit into anyone’s dorm life.

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Gifts for College Students // Awesome Stuff to Buy

Take the halloween festivities to the next level with this hilariously spooky skull and spine beer bong. Just pour some natty light into the skull and lift; you’ll be enjoying an instant…

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Who doesn’t love a classic ring toss game on a summer day. Grab a few friends and a few brews and you’ll be having a blast throwing rings at this ring toss…

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What scent makes you think of home? These hand-poured candles have bottled the quintessential scents from every state and are sure to spark your favorite hometown memories with each light. These make…

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Ever been stranded on a desert island without beer? well these sandals would come in handy in your time of need. Provide a path to the beach party with these sandals that will…

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Is the force of gravity no longer an efficient enough way to get the golden refreshment of the gods down your throat fast enough?  Are you looking for a way to propel…

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Do you like eggs? Are you a big fan of phallic shaped things? Two yolks and a shaft of egg whites make for a balanced and hearty breakfast that can get anyone…

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Enter into a world of color and coolness with this Rubik’s Cube Fridge. Great addition to the college dorm or apartment or even the man cave. Stock up with beer (better for…

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Store your money or illegal substances so effectively that you yourself may never find them again. This Bolt with Hidden Compartment is great for any college student with questionable roommates, or just…


Getting drunk in the shower just got a lot easier. Keep your beer within an arms reach as you clean your smoking hot bod with this beer koozie designed for shower use.…

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