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Whether you know a daily vlogger or someone who runs a tech review channel they’ll love this collection of gifts for Youtubers. These geeky gifts sure to impress any aspiring Youtuber, from cameras to decor.

DJI Mic 2

Elevate your content to professional heights with the DJI Mic 2, the ultimate wireless digital microphone/recorder system for creators of all skill levels. This system is perfect for interviews, videos, and streaming, offering crystal-clear audio quality. It comes with two clip-on transmitter/recorder mics and a compact dual-channel receiver, ensuring vivid audio capture from your subjects. Whether you’re connecting to a DSLR, mirrorless camera, or an iOS/Android device, the DJI Mic…

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DJI Osmo Pocket 3

Elevate your videography with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3. This pocket-sized powerhouse features a 1-inch CMOS sensor for 4K recording at 120fps, ensuring clarity in any light. Its 2-inch touch screen rotates for versatile framing, while 3-axis stabilization guarantees steady footage. ActiveTrack 6.0 keeps you in focus on the go, and fast, accurate focusing captures every detail. With D-Log M and 10-bit color depth, you can unlock advanced color grading.…

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Insta360 GO 3

Say hello to the Insta360 GO 3, the tiny action camera that’s all about big adventures. This compact powerhouse can record in up to 2.7K resolution and also features slow-motion recording for those epic moments. It now comes with an improved Voice Control 2.0 technology, a handy 2.2″ flip touch screen for on-the-go editing, dual microphones for crisp audio, and a longer battery life to keep up with your active…

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Sony ZV-1 II Vlog Camera

Meet the ideal companion for the on-the-go content creator – the Sony ZV-1 II Vlog Camera. With its super-wide 18-50mm zoom lens, you can capture everything from expansive landscapes to intimate details. The wide aperture gives you those professional-looking defocused backgrounds that make your subjects pop. And don’t forget the side-articulating touchscreen – it’s selfie-ready and user-friendly. This camera packs a punch in a light and portable package, helping you…

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Canon PowerShot V10 Vlog Camera

Shoot your vlogs with the sharpness they deserve using the Canon PowerShot V10 vlog camera. Designed with content creators in mind, this gem comes with a 19mm equivalent f/2.8 lens that captures every detail, records in stunning 4K at 30 fps, and sports a convenient one-button design. With the V10, shooting vlogs will feel less like a chore and more like the creative adventure it’s meant to be!

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Personalized YouTube Subscriber Count Display

Lights, camera, bragging rights! Showcase your YouTube stardom with this handmade Personalized YouTube Subscriber Count Display. This nifty gadget connects to your Wi-Fi and proudly displays your ever-growing fan base on a sleek 7-segment display, measuring 12.5cm x 17.5cm. Choose between a classic black or white frame, and customize the counter with your YouTube logo design for that extra personal touch.

Powered by a USB cable and programmed using Arduino IDE, this counter offers a user-friendly experience for those comfortable with computers. Need a hand setting it up? No problem! Simply provide your Wi-Fi credentials, YouTube channel name, and API key, and we’ll have you flaunting your subscriber count in no time.

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Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra

With AI-powered imaging and 4K resolution, the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra will look and feel like you’re the star of your own film. Whether it’s for streaming on Twitch, filming YouTube videos, or just as a webcam in conference calls you’ll look incredible on the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra. The f/1.7 aperture and onboard HDR support make it the ideal companion for all your videos needs, the webcam connects to…

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Insta360 Link

No matter if you’re a streamer or just a teacher the Insta360 Link webcam will up your video quality. The Insta360 Link brings 4k quality, automatic face tracking, and plenty of other handy features to your webcam setup.

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Logitech StreamCam

Anyone who want’s to record videos at their computer will love the Logitech StreamCam. With a full HD 1080p 60fps sensor, smart auto-focus, and exposure settings gamers are sure to look their best on a StreamCam.

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DJI Air 2S Drone

DJI has released their latest drone the DJI Air 2S with an incredible 5.4K 1-inch image sensor and obstacle avoidance. The DJI Air 2S includes the classic folding design making is ultra compact for travel.

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DJI Pocket 2

Bring high quality stable footage anywhere with the DJI Pocket 2! This tiny camera features stunning 4K image quality on a self balancing gimbal to ensure your footage looks as smooth as possible. Whether you’re filming family moments or your vacation the DJI Pocket 2 makes a great addition to your gear.

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Elgato Wave 1: Microphone for Streamers

Whether it’s streaming on Twitch or chatting with friends on Discord a great microphone is always a good addition to your gaming setup. The Elgato Wave 1 brings the best of microphones to you at an affordable price. With built in software that makes audio management easy and brilliant audio PC gamers will love using this mic.

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DJI Mavic Air 2

The DJI Mavic Air is back and better than ever with a 48-megapixel sensor. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is stuffed with the latest innovations in drones. With an insane 34 minutes of flight time, collision detection, superb image quality, and a slew of AI power photo modes this drone will be a joy to fly.

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Elgato Stream Deck

Take command of your live streams with 15 programmable keys that allow you to change scenes, play video, music, and more. With built-in compatibility with the most popular streaming software, the Stream Deck gives you the functionality to run a slick, professional-looking stream, while also freeing up your keyboard so you can keep yourself in the game, and give your viewers a show worth watching!

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Aputure MC Video Light

Anyone who films YouTube videos will appreciate the Aputure MC Video Light. This bright tiny light packs quite the punch, with full color selection, dimming, built-in battery, wireless charging, and even an app to control the light.

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Insta360 ONE R: Modular 360 Camera

Insta360’s latest camera switches between 360 and a 4k action cam. With interchangeable mods the Insta360 One R can swap between a 360 camera lens to a 1 inch Leica sensor. Plus it has plenty of built-in features like auto frame during 360 filming and stabilization.

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Quick Release Camera Clip

Every photographer needs quick access to their camera and the Peak Design Quick Release Capture Clip is here to save the day. Just attach the bottom screw mount to the bottom of any camera and you’re good to go. Attach the capture clip to any bag or even your belt for quick access.

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DJI Mavic Mini

This ultra small, ultra light (only 0.54 pounds!) drone will give you high quality 2.7k footage. This small package of a drone includes 30 minutes of flight time which makes it the ultimate travel companion.

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GoPro HERO8 Black

GoPro’s latest creation is here with the HERO8 Black. This GoPro packs insane features like its new HyperSmooth 2.0 stabilization and 4K slow-mo video. If you’re someone who loves to film the action this new GoPro is for you. Plus with its new expandable slot system you can hook up a microphone, screen, and even portable light for on the go vlogging. Up to UHD 4K Video, Slow Motion HyperSmooth…

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DJI Osmo Mobile 3: Smartphone Stabilizer

Bring high quality video to just about any event with the DJI Osmo Mobile 3. This foldable gimbal makes it easy to transport and just unfold to put your smartphone in its mount. With the DJI app you can even track a subject and the gimbal will automatically follow anything you select on camera. This stabilizer would make a perfect gift for anyone looking to up their video quality.

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Sony RX100 VII Digital Camera

If you love to make videos or you’re sick of using your phone to take pictures the Sony RX100 VII is a fantastic choice to take excellent photos and videos. With 20 megapixel photos and a 24-200mm lens you can get nearly any vantage point. Most of the features of the Sony RX100 VII are geared toward video though. With a microphone jack and a flip screen this make the…

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Blue Yeti Nano Microphone

Great for Podcasting & Streaming

Having high quality audio at your computer can be extremely useful. Especially with the explosion of growth in podcasting and streaming. The Blue Yeti Nano is an affordable USB microphone that will take your audio quality to the next level. Whether you’re playing games with friends or just taking Skype calls this is a great addition to any desktop.

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DJI Osmo Action

Look out GoPro the company behind the best drones now makes an incredible action cam. The DJI Osmo Action is packed with features at a competitive price. With 4k60fps footage, HDR video, slow motion recording, waterproofing, “RockSteady” stabilization, and even a screen on the front and back you can’t go wrong with this action cam. Primary features: Dual Screens RockSteady 4K HDR Video 4K60fps 8x Slow Motion Waterproof (11m)

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SwitchPod: Tripod for Vloggers

Whether you film vlogs for fun or travel it can be annoying to get your camera in the right position. Well the SwitchPod aims to simplify using a tripod while vlogging by offering a tiny tripod that people can hold while using their camera. Best of all it flips out to becomes a tiny tripod so you can film a shot on a table or any flat surface.

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Philips Hue Lightbar

If you already have a Philips Hue light you know how awesome they are. Hue lights let you control your lights with your phone or voice via Siri/Alexa/Google. These are the perfect first addition for anyone looking to start a smart home. The Philips Hue Bar Light is no exception, control it any way you want to add ambiance to any room. You can even sync them to your gaming computer…

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Elgato Key Light: Lights for Streamers

If you’ve ever streamed on Twitch or Youtube you know how important lighting and image quality can be. The Elgato Key Light aims to give streamers a simple way to light their scene. Ultra bright at 2500 lumens with dimmable controls the Key Light is a simple way to add lighting to a scene, and best of all it attaches to your desk for easy setup. Full features App-enabled: adjust settings…

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DJI Osmo Pocket

Shoot high quality footage anywhere you go with the new DJI Osmo Pocket. Finally you can get better video footage than your cell phone while out on the town. This tiny camera is packed with features, with a built in stabilizer your footage will never be shaky and 4k video at 60fps for insane slo-mo. Features Gimbal Camera with 1/2.3″ CMOS Sensor Compact 4.1 oz, 4.8″ High Design Up to…

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GoPro Hero 7 Black

GoPro is back with super smooth 4k footage

The latest GoPro Hero 7 features a stunning smooth stabilization for your action videos. Perfect for anyone who wants to record their adventures. It also includes it’s iconic waterproof design, great photo features, and even voice commands to capture when your hands are full. You can even live stream to Facebook right from the GoPro.

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DJI Mavic 2 Drone

See the Bigger Picture

Take to the skies with new levels of camera quality with the new DJI Mavic 2. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone offers a 20 megapixel camera for incredible image quality. While the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom offers a zoom lens to get stunning dolly zoom shots. If you are a photographer or have a friend who is one the DJI Mavic 2 will be an essential tool in their…

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Snapchat Spectacles v2

Addicted too Snapchat? Step up your videos and photos with the new Snapchat Spectacles v2. The Snapchat Spectacles are a pair of glasses with a tiny camera that allows you to easily upload to Snapchat with a tap of a button. If you own a pair of the original glasses these include slightly smaller electronics, faster transfer times to Snapchat, are now waterproof, plus you can even put your prescription…

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Elgato CamLink: Use Your Camera as a Webcam

The Elgato Cam Link is the perfect way to instantly turn any camera into a webcam. 📷 Now that streaming on sites like and YouTube live have become wildly popular. Especially with celebrities like Drake teaming up with popular streamers to play Fortnite streaming is hitting an all new audience. If you have a DSLR or any camera with HDMI output this nifty gadget will convert the output to…

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Boosted Board Mini S: Electric Skateboard

Boosted is back with a brand new board. The Boosted board Mini S is the perfect companion for commuting in the city. With a 7 mile range (14 on the extended battery) you’re sure to get to the office and back. With a top speed of 18 miles per hour you’ll be zipping around the city at incredible speeds (wear a helmet!). Just grab the boosted board remote and hit the…

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GoPro Hero: New $199 GoPro

GoPro is back with a new “Hero” granted lacking in 4k GoPro’s latest action cam only costs $199! It has all of the great features of newer GoPros like a 10mp camera, voice control and a touchscreen with a fantastic price tag (plus it’s waterproof). Great for anyone who loves to travel and wants to capture their adventures on a budget. It also works great as a cheap vlogging camera.

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Casey Neistat “Ask Me Anything” Desk

If you’re a fan of YouTube you’re well aware of the site’s most popular vlogger Casey Neistat. During Casey’s unique “ask me anything” segments where he answers questions from fans he has an epic intro with a very cool foldable desk. The company that makes the desk is called SpiderLegs and they actually offer a few foldable desks. Oh and if you were curious the song from Casey Neistat’s Q&A…

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DJI Mavic Air

Foldable 4k Drone

DJI has introduced a new drone, combining tech from their smallest drone the Spark and prosumer imaging from the Mavic the Mavic Air is sure to impress any photographer. Take stunning aerials footage with the Air plus 360 panoramic photos. Additionally the Air features a new obstacle avoidance system, instead of stopping when an object is detected the Mavic Air will automatically reroute to avoid crashes. Mavic Air Features: 12MP camera…

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DJI Spark – Tiny Portable Drone

DJI’s latest drone is its tiniest! At less than a pound and smaller than 6 inches wide the DJI spark is ready to go anywhere. If you’re unfamiliar with DJI they make some of the best drones including the Mavic and Phantom. Now you’ll be able to take epic drone selfies anywhere you want using just the spark and your smartphone. Or you can use the official DJI remote and…

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Boosted Board – Electric Skateboard

Who doesn’t love to get around town quickly. Boosted boards can reach up to 22 mph and travel 7 miles, so you’ll be good for an all day trip. Weighing only 13.5 pounds you’ll be able to carry it anywhere with you, especially great for the coffee shop.

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We hope this collection of YouTuber gifts was helpful! A lot of the gear can be expensive but the video maker in your life will appreciate any upgrades. You could also get someone a gift card to B&H Photo or Amazon if you’re unsure of what they need.

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