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Who doesn’t love the final frontier! This collection of astronomy gifts are perfect for the space lover in your life. Whether it’s the solar system or just the milky way we have a gift that any astronomy lover will enjoy.

1. Voyager’s Golden Record

This recreation of the Voyager 1’s probe’s legendary golden disc is more than just a record. It’s a testament to the achievements, imagination, and ingenuity of our species. This record contains recordings of the sounds of earth, and inscribed with identifying information that intelligent lifeforms should hopefully be able to decipher. This set includes a book full of fascinating information about the spacecraft’s mission and history, as well as beautiful photos transmitted back to earth by the still-functioning spacecraft, now carrying the golden disc over 14 million miles from our own pale blue dot.

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2. Map of the Universe Sculpture

This small crystal sculpture represents just the portions of the universe we’ve been able to observe using data from the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey. Not only does this map give us a glimpse into our place in the vast reaches of space, but it also serves as a reminder of the challenges we still face in learning about the great beyond, as the further from Earth you go, the more difficult it becomes to locate galaxies that are bright enough to be seen. It holds an official Guinness World Record as the smallest-scale commercially available map, a distinction you can chalk up to the sheer incredibly great size of the universe as we know it.

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3. NASA Moon Puzzle

Enjoy the glory of the Moon with this 100 piece puzzle of the moon. Created with official photography form NASA archives any space lover will love finishing this puzzle.

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4. Moon Ice Ball Mold

Nothing puts the ‘night’ in nightcap quite like a full moon! This dishwasher-safe silicone mold creates a fascinatingly detailed image of the moon’s cratered surface. Unlike a lot of novelty ice molds, this one measures at a sizeable 2.2 inches in diameter, meaning that it keeps its shape for longer. Who doesn’t love a whiskey at high tide?

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5. USB Astronaut Light

Brighten a friend’s workspace with this illuminating gift! This out of this world reading lamp is powered directly via USB port, and you can switch the light on and off by flipping the visor open and closed. Astronauts have always been brilliant, but this makes it literal.

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6. Solar System Bracelet

As we inch closer to visiting other planets, it’s comforting to be able to bring those worlds a little closer to us. With colorful polished stone beads representing each planet in the solar system, this handmade bracelet is a beautiful way to show someone that they’re at the center of your universe.

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7. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Space enthusiasts will geek out over this heat changing constellation mug. Simply pour hot coffee, tea, or even cocoa in this mug and you’ll be greeted with constellations and their names all over the mug.

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8. Antique Moon Map

Add a dramatic conversation piece to your living room with this antique moon map. Perfect for an astronomy lover who loves vintage designs. The rustic design offers a telescopic view of the moon and its basins.

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9. NASA Sweatshirt

Show your love for the space race by rocking this NASA sweatshirt. Everyone will recognize NASA’s iconic logo largely printed on the front of this sweatshirt.

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10. One Giant Leap Socks

That’s one small step in socks, one giant leap for mankind. Remember the world’s first spacewalk with these socks that have an astronaut walking on the moon.

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11. Galaxy Umbrella

Bring the galaxy to a rainy day with this galaxy umbrella. Anyone who loves space will enjoy staring at the galaxy pattern on a rainy day.

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12. Rechargeable 3D Moon Lamp

Keep a full moon in your room with this incredible rechargeable 3D moon lamp. It looks great from all angles with its unique 3D shape. Just add it to your night stand or bookshelf for a great way to add ambient light to any room.

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13. Galaxy Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are out of this world! This set of galaxy bath bombs has 8 themed as planets from the solar system. These solar system bath bombs are the perfect gift for any science enthusiast or teacher.

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14. Solar System Crystal Ball

Hold the entire solar system in your hand with this solar system crystal ball. Great for a student, astronomer, or anyone who just loves the solar system. Plus it makes an interesting prop for photography as well.

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15. Twinkling Stars Skirt

Bring the solar system to any party with over 250 tiny LEDs inside this skirt. This is sure to turn heads in just about any situation or even go viral on your Instagram feed. The tiny battery pack tucks into the waistband and lasts for ever 3 days!

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16. Solar System Necklace

Add a universe around your neck

The beauty of this necklace is only enhanced by the subtle, yet stunningly detailed gem solar system. Thinkgeek has outdone themselves with this Solar Orbit Necklace. Each planet is represented by a unique gemstone and accurately placed asteroid belts are strung throughout. A delightful piece of Jewelry for any fan of space or astrology, or even an individual who can appreciate a unique peace-like era necklace.

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17. Planetarium Paperweight

Why have a boring useless paperweight when you can have the solar system right at your fingertips! Have dominion over the loose files, papers, and packets sprawled across your desk with this Planetarium Paperweight. This beautifully detailed paperweight will look delightful settled on your office desk or within your home. A little creativity never hurt anyone and this paperweight is a shining example of that. Our solar system has never…

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