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“I love inside jokes. I’d love to be a part of one someday.”

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Everyone loves their favorite TV boss Michael Scott. Bring a little bit of The Office home with this collection of gifts for fans of The Office.

1. Well Happy Birthday Jesus The Office Ugly Sweater

Be the star of your office’s ugly sweater bash with the “Well Happy Birthday Jesus” The Office Ugly Sweater! More than just a cozy fleece, it’s a ticket to a day of laughs and shenanigans, straight out of Dunder Mifflin. Flaunt this gem and you’re sure to spark some ‘The Office’ level hilarity. It’s the kind of festive fun that makes Michael Scott proud. Ready for some office party legend…

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2. The Office Poetry Magnets

Bring some creativity and inspiration to your friend’s workspace with “The Office Poetry Magnets.” This set has more than 500 magnets with sayings and quotes from the popular show. Your friend can feature a rotating selection of their favorite lines on their fridge or any other metal surface, adding some fun and humor to their day. With endless quote combinations to choose from, they’ll never run out of ideas for witty and creative combinations. With the Office Poetry Magnets, you can give the gift of inspiration and laughter.

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3. Vintage Michael Scott Shirt by American Thrift

Are you a fan of The Office and the man, the myth, the legend that is Michael Scott? Then you need this Vintage Michael Scott Shirt in your life. The deliberately cracked custom print gives it that authentic, lived-in feel that only a true fan can appreciate. Plus, the durable cotton and twin needle stitching mean you can wear it for years to come – just like your love for the show.

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4. Somehow I Manage

Wht fan of The Office wouldn’t want a copy of Somehow I Manage by Michael G. Scott on their bookshelf. Keep in mind the inside of this ‘book’ is a notebook to write down all of your brilliant ideas.

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5. The Office Lego Set

With all of the classic scenes immortalized as Legos any fan of The Office will die over this Lego set. With over 1000 pieces, all the classic Office characters, and of course Stanley’s pretzel this set will make a fun decoration for your home after completing.

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6. The Office Quizpedia

Any hardcore fan of The Office will want to be challenged with trivia. The Office Quizpedia contains over 90 pages of season-specific quizzes and character-focused question. You’ll finally be able to answer the age old question of “how well do you know Michael Scott”.

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7. Kevin’s Famous Chili Socks

Anyone who loves The Office will remember Kevin’s famous chili being spilled all over the office floor. Now you can relive that iconic moment with these hilarious socks designed to look like Kevin spilling his chili.

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8. Flashing Michael Light Switch Cover

We turn on the light switch all the time, but this gives it a whole new meaning! Modeled after Michael Scott from The Office, this funny gag gift will bring a real FLASH of brightness to the room. Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s six inches long. I’m talking about the light switch cover, obviously.

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9. The Office Calendar

Relive all your favorite Dunder Mifflin moments with this hilarious 2021 wall calendar stuffed with iconic lines from the show. This 8.5″ by 11″ calendar features characters from The Office and their iconic quotes.

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10. Dunder Mifflin Sweatshirt

Show your love for the #1 paper company on the planet with this Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt. Perfect for lounging around the house or showing your love for The Office when out and about.

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12. Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

Rainn Wilson’s fan-favorite character on The Office is one of TV’s funniest characters because of how seriously he takes himself. That never stopped him from displaying an impressive array of bobbleheads in the workplace, though, including one of himself! Dwight owning one of his own bobbleheads is already pretty meta, but the fact that you can actually buy that bobblehead is even more so. Of course, the real question is, is this bobblehead a replica of the prop on the show, or is this bobblehead a replica of Dwight himself that inevitably looks like the prop? It would be worth charging admission to see him argue about that with Jim. How many Schrute Bucks would that even cost?

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13. Dwight Schrute Birthday Anniversary Card

What Office fan wouldn’t enjoy Dwight informing them that it’s not actually their birthday but the anniversary of their birthday. This hilarious card features Dwight on the front with the text “It is your birthday FALSE! It is the anniversary of your birthday. You are only born once.”.

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14. Schrute Farms Sweater

Who doesn’t remember their first stay at Schrute Farms Bed & Breakfast. This cozy sweatshirt will remind fans of The Office of Jim and Pam’s hilarious night at Dwight’s farm.

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15. The Office Sticker Pack

Show your love of The Office with this epic pack of 50 stickers. With all of the classic lines like “That’s What She Said” and “Dwight you ignorant slut” fans of the show will love decorating their laptop or water bottle with this sticker pack.

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16. The Office Sign

What office space would be complete without the classic “Office” sign from The Office. Whether it’s for your home, work, or bedroom this is a great way to show how much you love The Office.

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17. Personalized Star Mug

What better way to show you were at Kelly’s America’s Got Talent party than a mug with your face on it. No one will dispute that you’re the owner of this mug since it has your face on it.

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18. Dwight Schrute The Mask Sequin Pillow

Who could forget when Dwight cut the face off the CPR training dummy in The Office. Relive the iconic scene every day with Dwight Schrute “The Mask” sequin pillow. Swipe your hand up on the pillow for a gold sequin color or swipe down for the frightening image of Dwight’s pretending he is in Silence of the Lambs.

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19. The Office Downsizing Board Game

Will the Scranton branch close or will Michael save the day? Find out in The Office downsizing board game. Play as your favorite characters from The Office with 5-10 players and try to save the Scranton branch from closing.

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20. Threat Level Midnight Movie Poster

Clean Up on Aisle 5...

The iconic film made by Michael Scott from the office is now immortalized in poster form. With all of your favorite characters like Gold Face and Dwigt any fan of the Office will geek out over this unique poster.

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21. “It Is Your Birthday” Card

Every fan of the Office remembers when Dwight and Jim threw Kelly a surprise birthday. This birthday card with “It Is Your Birthday” on the front and the brown and grey balloons will have any fan of the Office laughing with joy on their birthday.

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22. The Office Scott’s Tots Shirt

One fateful day an up-and-coming businessman made a promise to a room full of 3rd graders. These individuals are known as “Scott’s Tots.” Michael, or more accurately, the Michael Scott Foundation, may have over promised a bit to these children and potentially ruined their future plans and lives in the process. Amazingly, Michael still has heart to face these now young adults, give them the truth, and offer them a…

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23. You’re The Pam To My Jim Card

This is the ultimate Valentine’s day card for fans of the Office. Show your true love using the best romance story on television with this “You’re The Pam To My Jim” card. With a giant heart on the front and custom artwork of Jim and Pam just about anyone’s heart will melt when they receive this card.

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24. Custom Dundie Award

And the hottest in the office goes to… anyone you want! Make your own custom Dundie award for anyone in your office or just for your friends. If someone loves the Office they’ll love this Dundie award with their name and accomplishment of your choosing.

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25. Clue: The Office Edition

Fans of the Office will lose their mind at this Office edition of the classic board game Clue. Relive classic shenanigans Dwight and Jim and discover the secrets of Dunder Mifflin.

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26. The Office Floor Plan Print

Any fan of the Office will love this floor plan print of the iconic office from “The Office”. The Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is never forgettable for fans of the show. You can’t stand but to think about your favorite characters like Jim, Dwight, and Michael when looking at this print. Highlights include Michael’s office, the annex, and the iconic conference room.

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27. Stanley Hudson Drink Coaster

Who doesn’t love Stanley Hudson and his love for pretzel day. Now you can relive Stanley in all of his glory on this hilarious Stanley Hudson coaster. The subtle touch of the background being pretzels just seals the deal for any fan of the Office.

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“And I feel God in this Chili’s tonight.”

We hope you enjoyed our list of The Office Gifts. Now you can go back to binging the show from the start or just watching the DVD screensaver bouncing around.

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